Gone Fishing! See you later!

Gone Fishing


Despite having declared I’m having a little blog holiday during the school holidays, I seem to have managed to sneak in a bit of blogging time here and there – and it’s been fun!

I’ve loved hanging out with some of you in social media land.  Loving all the #everydaystyle with Styling You outfit photos, as well as feeling like I’ve been travelling all over the world and this great brown land of Australia so many of us call home, by checking out your gorgeous holiday snaps.  You’ve inspired me with cocktail images and shopping bargains and general cute kid hilarity.

But this week Boyo and I are heading off to stay in rural Canterbury in the Land of the Long White Cloud for a week.  We are camping out at my Dad’s bachelor pad.  I will also be helping my Grandma say goodbye to the house where she has lived for her entire married life, as she prepares to move into the same retirement centre where my Granddad is now living.  I want to say hello to their new life whilst also saying goodbye to the house which represents my childhood to me.

As you can’t even get mobile phone reception at Dad’s house, it is highly unlikely I can access the free Wifi available to anyone remotely near a Telecom phone box, so it is going to be pretty much radio silence from me for a week.  Let’s be honest, I’ll probably miss you more than you’ll miss me!

So we’ve hung up the Gone Fishing sign.  See you at the end of next week!


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