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Kimba Likes Green Island Resort, FNQ @kimbalikes #kimbalikes kimbalikes.comLast week, I shared the Port Douglas leg of our tropical Far North Queensland holiday.  This week, it’s all about Green Island, and our stay in the gorgeous Green Island Resort.

Unfortunately, my stay wasn’t quite as adventurous as planned, due to a hideous bout of sinusitis.  However, if you have to recover from a nasty illness (and even more nasty antibiotics), then might I suggest that poolside in a luxury tropical resort is the place to do so.

Green Island Resort

Green Island is just 45 minutes by ferry catamaran from Cairns, and mere metres from the Great Barrier Reef.  It is very popular with day trippers, but a few lucky people get to experience a super special holiday at Green Island Resort.

Every morning, before the first ferry arrives, and every evening, after the last ferry departs, it is like having your own private island.  Well, almost.  You do have to share with the other Green Island Resort residents, and staff.

There are 46 suites.  Some perfect for families, and others just made for romantic honeymooners.  Each has a glamorously appointed bathroom and wrap around balcony.  Ours overlooked the resident-only pool and club lounge.

To protect the grounds, the Green Island Resort walkways are all covered boardwalks.  It adds a real sense of luxury on a rainy day!

Kimba Likes Green Island Resort, FNQ @kimbalikes #kimbalikes kimbalikes.comEmeralds, the resort restaurant, serves up a delicious buffet breakfast every morning for residents.  The restaurant is open during the day for all visitors, and opens again in the evening.

Kimba Likes Green Island Resort, FNQ @kimbalikes #kimbalikes

Serving Mod Oz (what I would call Pacific Rim) cuisine, each meal is an edible work of art.  Not to mention absolutely massive. I was more than happy with an entree and a side salad.

The restaurant also offers picnic hampers for lunch or dinner, and room service.

Kimba Likes Green Island Resort, FNQ @kimbalikes #kimbalikes

What to do on Green Island

  • Green Island Boardwalk – Walk around the island on a gentle 1.3 km trip, with a self-guide eco walk map to help you identify the 126 native species of plants.
  • Swimming – there are two pools.  One in the main area and one in the Green Island resort.
  • Beach – a very gentle and shallow slope makes for family friendly swimming.  There are lifeguards on duty.
  • Snorkelling – all gear is available on the island, including stinger suits for jellyfish protection.
  • Diving – for all levels of divers, and the most fantastic way to see the coral reef (that I will never ever do ever in my entire life)
  • Glass bottom boat tours – so beautiful to see all the fish, the corals, the giant clams and marvel at the beauty below the waves
  • Boat snorkelling trip – travel about 1.5 km off the island on a boat to snorkel on the reef
  • Massage – relax and enjoy at Oiled Massage Salon
  • Pool bar, ice creams, lunch – it’s all here!
  • Off island activities like helicopter rides, outer reef tours, parasailing et al

The Welshman and Boyo were treated to hour long massages, and highly recommend Oiled Massage Salon.

Snorkelling was something I was very worried about – I had a panic attack the last time I attempted it when we were on holiday in Fiji, with a preschooler Boyo.  This year, Boyo is in his final year of primary school, and I was very stressed about the prospect of snorkelling.

Kimba Likes Green Island Resort, FNQ @kimbalikes #kimbalikes

I really wanted to give it a red hot go, but when I got sick with a sinus infection, it started to look less than likely. When the illness moved to a chest infection, I ruled it out.  I got my coral reef experience through the glass bottom boat.

The Blokefolk, however? All over it!  They spotted Nemo, a lemon shark, turtles, black tipped reef sharks, white tipped reef sharks, as well as amazing coral formations and giant clams.  I had a nap instead.

Kimba Likes Green Island Resort, FNQ @kimbalikes #kimbalikes

Marineland Melanesia

We loved visiting Marineland Melanesia, this local family owned business, with a vast array of Melanesian and Polynesian artifacts, reef tanks and the main attraction, crocodiles!

Crocodile feeding happens twice a day, and is fairly spectacular!  It was so interesting to see crocodile hatchlings, right up to the star of the show, Cassius, a superannuated croc star! See what I did there.

Kimba Likes Green Island Resort, FNQ @kimbalikes #kimbalikes

Cassius is estimated to be 110 years old, is missing some teeth and even a leg, and happily resides in his heated pool during the cooler months.  He is a saltwater crocodile, captured in the Northern Territory in the early 80s after getting in trouble for eating boats, and still puts on a good performance when being fed his daily meal of chicken.

Kimba Likes Green Island Resort, FNQ | Marineland Melanesia @kimbalikes #kimbalikes

We met the lovely Cuddles, a 5 year old saltwater crocodile.  The crocodiles in the first image, Bulla and Bella, are his parents. He is only 5 years old.  The Welshman took the safe end – his jaws are secured with a piece of sticky tape.  I think I got the dangerous end – his bottom!

Kimba Likes Green Island Resort, FNQ @kimbalikes #kimbalikes kimbalikes.comFish Feeding and Sunset Drinks

After the day trippers have packed up and gone home, the island changes pace from a fun action destination to a luxe tropical resort.

At 5pm daily, guests gather on the jetty to view fish feeding. You get a fabulous glimpse into life below the waves with a side serve of interesting information.

Followed by sunset drinks to really amp up the sense of indulgence? Yes please!

Kimba Likes Green Island Resort, FNQ @kimbalikes #kimbalikes

Kimba Likes Daily Treats on Green Island Resort

Do you know what you do when you’re sick on a tropical island?  Pretty much this.  Nothing.  Or as I like to call it, advanced lounging.

Book reading, lots of water and tea, and naps.  Lip balm and sunblock.  Poolside lounging.  DIY manis and pedis.  More naps. Perfect Kimba Likes Daily Treats!

Have you visited Green Island, or stayed at Green Island Resort?

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  • Emma Stoianis - 30 April 2015 - 2.32 pm

    What a beautiful spot! Even though you were sick it still looks like you found time to relax and embrace the beauty and family time! Not sure if I’d have the croc anywhere near me though! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • merilyn - 30 April 2015 - 2.10 pm

    that looks like a super holiday kim!
    bad luck about your sinuses that happened in Melbourne to me!
    allergic to something!
    I held a 3 yr croc near Rockhampton! it felt quite nice!
    love m:)XReplyCancel

    • Kimba - 30 April 2015 - 3.09 pm

      They’re surprisingly tiny that young, aren’t they!ReplyCancel

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