Happy Father’s Day to the dudes in my life


I am lucky enough to have some very cool dudes in my life.  I’d like to wish them all a very happy Father’s Day.

The Welshman is an amazing father (and the best husband I’ve ever had, just quietly).  We love him to pieces.  You look gorgeous in your new shirt, babe.  I don’t know if we tell you enough just how much we love you.

(c) Daniel Linnet

My dad is a farmer who became a zookeeper and found his niche in life.  I will always treasure the time we spent together at our wedding, watching as he paced the back garden practicing his speech, and how he held my hand very tightly as we walked down the aisle together.  I love this little captured moment, where he is just taking some time to smell the flowers.  Love you, Dad.

We don’t get to see each other very much, as we live in different countries, but retirement is three years away for my Dad, and the spare room is ready for his visit!

My maternal grandfather is a cheeky bugger, and we love him for it.  I wonder if this is where I got it from?  I’m pretty sure it’s where Boyo got it from!  This is the last big Overseas Experience my grandparents went on.  They got the travel bug in the 80s, and now they are in their 80s with health issues that sadly make travelling a thing of the past. We met up with these intrepid travellers when we were in the UK showing off our new baby.

I will never forget visiting my grandparents when they came to Australia.  I’ve made my goodbyes at their hotel, and turned around for one last wave, to see my Granddad pulling my Grandma into a swoon worthy romantic clinch.  “Ah”, he chuckled.  “What a lovely way to go!”.

Here’s the Welshman and his brothers in Team Shirts.  The Welshman and his twin bro, on the left, with their big bro on the right, both became fathers exactly three months apart.  A veritable baby boom.

We don’t get to see much of the Welshman’s family, as they are even further away than my New Zealand family, but you can be assured that when we do, there are Team Shirts and real ale and much love and laughter.

My father-in-law is a lovely man, despite his fondness for socks and sandals.  Just kidding!  He is endlessly patient, and a tireless organiser and an all round great guy.  We love him very much.

This was taken on a Malaysian holiday when Boyo was two.  They are far away in terms of distance, but near to our hearts.  We miss them dearly.

A special shout out to Baz, my mother’s husband, who is hospital today recovering from an operation.  Get well soon, mate.

2013 Update:  My stepfather Baz sadly lost his battle against peritoneal mesothelioma earlier this year.  He is greatly mourned and missed.  He is now in the great RSL in the sky, in charge of the eight ball tournaments.

All our love, dudes


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  • Vale Baz | Kimba Likes - 11 March 2013 - 7.42 am

    […] last year, around Father’s Day time, we got some bad news that my stepfather Baz had been admitted to hospital with stomach pain. […]ReplyCancel

  • Sonia // She's Sonic - 3 September 2012 - 9.55 am

    What a gorgeous post. You really do have some very special men in your life. xxReplyCancel

    • Kim-Marie Williams - 8 September 2012 - 6.18 am

      Thanks Sonia. I’m so excited about seeing some of them next weekend. My dad is working 13 days straight so he can have Saturday, Sunday and Monday off to be with us. This is unheard of, so I guess he missed us too. xReplyCancel

  • Catherine Rodie Blagg - 2 September 2012 - 9.11 pm

    Gorgeous post lovely x ReplyCancel

  • Workingwomenaustralia - 2 September 2012 - 5.27 pm

    That’s a beautiful tribute to wonderful men in your life xxReplyCancel

  • Krystle Sky - 2 September 2012 - 5.17 pm

    Beautiful post! Happy Fathers Day indeed 🙂ReplyCancel

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