High Tea with Boyo



My Boyo is a top little bloke.  He’s smart and funny and loyal.  He loves a chat.  Can’t think where he gets that from.  He knows absolutely everything about Pokemon and he kicks butt on Mario Kart.  He really cares about people and he’s a thinker.  He’s a poet.  His haiku moves me to tears.  I could not be prouder of him.

On Friday night, we decamped to the Sheraton on the Park for the first event in the Festival of Kimba.  We could have easily arranged a sleepover for him and gone on our own, but it felt wrong to leave him out of the celebrations.  Anniversary celebrations, yes.  Birthday celebrations?  No, I don’t think so.  Birthdays are all about family, and he is very much an integral member of our family.



We had a lovely time, enjoying swimming in the hotel pool, snuggling up watching a movie, working our way through absolutely enormous room service burgers and club sandwiches, not to mention the fabulous buffet breakfast.

As we were wandering through Westfield on Saturday morning (I may have been dawdling a little, soaking up some window shopping but shhhh, don’t tell anyone!), I noticed Boyo drawing the Welshman aside for a little chat.  He wanted to continue the celebrations and take me for high tea at the Victoria Room Tea Salon on Sunday, when the Welshman flew to Singapore for a short business trip.



Bless his little cotton socks!  He knew how much I enjoyed my Annual Ladies High Tea, and he wanted to share the experience with me, something he knew I would really enjoy.

Sunday morning found us kissing the Welshman goodbye as he left for the airport, and Boyo and I heading into the city for our Mama-Boyo adventure.

Catching the bus is a big part of the experience, as is perusing the menu and making your own decisions.  He spent quite some time choosing exactly which delicious scone he’d like to eat.  I did have to gently suggest that as lovely as Rich Chocolate Cake is, it is not lunch.  And that I would not be rich after paying $11 for a slice of cake.



We decided on a Classic High Tea, with its complement of ribbon sandwiches, scone with jam and cream, and dessert delicacies, with Darjeeling tea for Mama and the utter luxury of a Coke for Boyo.

Boyo ate the chicken sandwiches, leaving me the delicious roast beef and scrumptious smoked salmon.  This is big news, as they had green stuff in them.  Green stuff!  He very solemnly informed me that it was because “it was wild herbs, Mum.”  Apparently, this makes all the difference.  I’ll be wheeling out “wild herbs” at every dinner plate opportunity from here on in.



A woman stopped by our table to compliment Boyo on his manners and have a little chat about how nice it was to see a small boy enjoying a special occasion with his mother.  I can’t tell you how much this mama enjoys unprompted compliments about her gorgeously behaved child.



After our lovely lunch, we headed off for a quick wander through the shops.  I took Boyo to the delight that is the Seed Candy Bar, where he was allowed to choose a treat or two.  He somehow managed to talk me into a side trip to the Myer toy department where he spent his accrued pocket money on some Mario figurines.  Now that I think of it, he never did pay me back, the little monkey.

I even managed a quick side trip to check out a couple of “lady shops” and purchased a statement necklace from Sportsgirl for the princely sum of $9.95.  Love a clearance sale!





Next step in our busy Sunday was a trip to the park to catch up with some friends, then an early dinner at friends.

We did miss the Welshman, but it was a lovely experience, just the two of us.  He’s a very special little chap and I’m delighted he chose me to be his mama.





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