Homework Star of the Week : Boyo



I saw Boyo’s teacher after school today, trying on hats in the local shops for Melbourne Cup tomorrow.  She gave me the heads up that she’s really pleased with Boyo’s efforts and that he might have something to tell me.

I asked him very nonchalantly how his day at school was.  It took a while but finally, he showed me this – Homework Star of the Week!

We had to celebrate, of course, and what better way to get the party started than with Creaming Soda & Neapolitan Ice Cream Spiders!



The Welshman and I couldn’t be prouder of our little dude.  He’s really stepped up his homework efforts recently, and is on super duper especially good behaviour at home.  You can’t turn around without him offering to do a chore as he tries to earn enough money to buy himself a new Wii game – Skylanders Giants – before Santa can deliver it for him.  That’s just too long to wait!

One very proud mama signing off x


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