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I love luscious lashes.  La la love them.  I am lucky to have long lashes but they are quite fair and straight – the men in my family got the dark curly lashes!  However, I’m fighting back with HoneyTusk Eyebrow Studio’s Lash Lift!



Before I discovered the Lash Lift, I used to follow my How to Apply Mascara routine involving:

  • Regular lash tint
  • Lash curler
  • The Wiggle
  • The Fan
  • The Sideways Sweep
  • The Lower Lash Dash
  • Sometimes more than one mascara formulation

It doesn’t take more than a few moments in my morning routine, but takes considerably more time at the end of the day to remove all those layers.  Veeeery carefully, since I am nearing my Big Four Oh My Gods and my eye area needs all the love it can get.

Imagine my delight when I discovered the Lash Lift service offered by the gorgeous Marli at her HoneyTusk Eyebrow Studio on my first visit, where I discovered how to rock a bold brow.  In combination with a lash tint, it gave me the Best Lashes of my Life.  No exaggeration.


What HoneyTusk Eyebrow Studio says about their Lash Lift:

New! Eyelash Lift $70
Make your lashes really stand out with this new revolution in eyelash 
perming .  “Lash Lift” is an eyelash treatment that straightens, lifts, and 
shapes natural lashes without the hassle of sticky, messy perming rods. 
Eyelashes are extended upwards from root to tip creating a longer, 
lifted appearance that opens up the eyes.


What Kimba Likes says about the Lash Lift:

Oh My Gods! The old gods, the new gods, the Roman gods, all the deities that ever were worshipped in the history of deity worshipping.  The best lashes of my life – I’m serious!



Wow!  That is a huge difference.  In the before and after photos, I am not wearing eye makeup.

I’ve been leaving the house wearing considerably less makeup because my lashes, after the Lash Lift treatment, do all the work for me.  I’ve even been rocking the nude eye, bold lip combo, which I’ve never, ever liked on me before.

The Lash Lift process took considerably less time than I had thought it would, and to be honest, I actually really enjoyed being forced to lie still for a short period of time, listening to the music and enjoying a hand massage.  I had my lashes tinted at the same appointment, as well as HoneyTusk Eyebrow Studio’s Signature Eyebrow Sculpt, and I was in and out in under an hour.

The cost of the Lash Lift service is $70 and a lash tint can be added for $20.  Considerably cheaper than lash extensions.  I can also save money on mascara as I won’t need special formulations to add lift or curl or length – just a basic formula to darken the lashes a little.  I have even been skipping mascara application, which is something I never do unless I’m ill.

My lashes actually looked like I’d had extensions applied as the lifting technique of the Lash Lift meant that they go up, rather than out and up.  I couldn’t believe they were actually my lashes.

The lashes dropped ever so slightly after a week or so, and will continue to do so, following the natural six week growth cycle of the eyelash.  I will immediately get it done again.  It is THAT good!

Now, I can’t quite believe I’m sharing this but here is me in all my first thing in the morning glory with mad bed hair and without a skerrick of makeup, because I felt so gorgeous with my perfectly shaped (not yet made up) brows and gorgeously luscious lashes.



Kinda wish I’d at least brushed my hair though. Keeping it real!


How does the Lash Lift compare to lash extensions?

I have tried silk lash extensions before, and whilst they gave me gorgeous lashes, I did feel a little bit OTT – for me, who is naturally a bit OTT, that is quite the statement.  I also found them very uncomfortable, the process of insertion took forever and I found not being able to use oil on my face really difficult.  I use an oil based cleanser as my first cleansing step a few times a week, and my skin just wasn’t the same without my regular applications of Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant + – oh, how I luff this stuff.



Kimba with lash extensions in August 2010

I had the lash extensions applied before I went on an overseas holiday and my main issue was that they were impossible to wear a sleep mask with.  Travelling for 24 hours straight, and sleeping in a variety of hotel rooms, family spare rooms and rental apartments means I NEEDED my sleep mask!  I also didn’t like that whilst they were long and fluttery, they also collected face powder and makeup, leaving them looking a little dusty and grey, so I had to be extremely careful with my makeup application.

Another issue I had with lash extensions is that I found it very difficult to wear glasses with them as they are quite stiff.  With the Lash Lift, I don’t have this problem.  In fact, because they go straight up in an amazing curled lift, they’re less of an issue than usual.  I wear multifocal lenses now, pretty much all of the time, including in my sunglasses.  Yet another win for the Lash Lift!

Ding dong, I’m calling it.  The Lash Lift is the winner to the lash extension – by a long fluttery lash!


Enough chit chat woman.  Show us the pictorial evidence!



I am definitely a convert to the Lash Lift and if you want easy peasy lemon squeezy luscious lash gorgeousness, then you should be too!

If you’re in Sydney, then I suggest you hotfoot it to HoneyTusk Eyebrow Studio in Darling Street, Rozelle.  You can click here to make a booking.

Not in Sydney?  Click here to find your nearest salon that offers the Lash Lift service.   You’re welcome!


Kimba Likes Keeping it Real Policy:

You can click here to read the Kimba Likes Keeping it Real Policy.  I was not compensated in any way for this post.  On my first visit to HoneyTusk Eyebrow Studio, I was lucky enough to have my Signature Eyebrow Sculpt and lash tint gifted to me.  This review is simply because I am so impressed with Marli, her fabulous HoneyTusk Eyebrow Studio and the amazing results I received from the Lash Lift that I wanted to share.  If I had been paid, the post would be exactly the same.  The Lash Lift is that fabulous.  You can trust Kimba Likes to keep it real.


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