Hooray for the return of the TV ratings season


It has been a hot wet summer.  Actually, it’s frequently been a cold and wet summer too – what is with that?  February means that autumn, my favourite season, is only a few weeks away.  It also heralds the return of the TV ratings season.  At long last.

Yes, I know we should be out there enjoying the extra sunshine and family time that daylight saving time provides – you know, walking the dog (we would have to borrow one), picnicking in the park, hanging out at the beach … but I’m woman enough to admit that I actually quite like curling up at the end of the day and watching something entertaining on TV.

You know, like something that hasn’t already been cancelled – I loathe enjoying a program and then discovering it didn’t make it through the pilot season.  Something that makes me laugh – and not from disbelief at the plot.  Something dramatic that makes me shiver – and not from horror at the scenery-chewing overacting.

Here’s our family’s top picks from the new TV season.


Elementary – 8.30 pm Sunday on Ten

Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu as Holmes and Watson, respectively, in a clever re-imagining of Arthur Conan Doyle’s literary classics.  Holmes is tattooed and sexy and a recovering drug addict, with Watson as his “sober companion” post rehab.  It’s set in modern day New York.  After two episodes, it’s a definite must see in the Kimba Likes household.  Both the Welshman and I are fans.


Downton Abbey – 8.30 pm Sunday night on Seven

OK, we know that Downton Abbey is a big old soap opera dressed up as cultured drama, but who cares?  It’s fantastic viewing, with fabulous costuming and a lovely way to while away an hour snuggled up on the sofa.  Hugely popular, but best recorded and watched a day later to avoid the increasingly intrusive and frequent ad interruptions.  The other benefit of this is that the Welshman doesn’t miss the bits I chatter through.  Sorry about that, honey.


Revenge – 8.45 pm Monday night on Seven

Seriously cheesy drama but oh so fabulous.  Double crossing, terrorist plots, family fortunes, adultery, drug and alcohol abuse, spying, homicidal maniacs and scratch the double crossing, it’s more like quadruple crossing – all set in the glamorous Hamptons.  Safe to say this is Kimba only viewing.


The Walking Dead – 8.30 pm Tuesday night on Foxtel’s Showtime

I watched the first two seasons virtually back to back on my iPad over the summer holidays and I freely admit that I’m totally addicted.  I love that the sweet loser from the Love Actually love triangle (all of his own making), Andrew Lincoln, is a kick arse American small town cop, defending a small bunch of survivors against the zombie apocalypse.  It’s definitely not family viewing, but it is suspenseful, entertaining and scary too.  Based on graphic novels, it is essential viewing for me.  Haven’t converted the Welshman yet but I’m working on him.  Who doesn’t love a good zombie apocalypse dystopian drama?


Monty Halls’ Great Irish Escape – 7.30 pm Friday night on SBS

The Welshman loves this program, starring the very charismatic Monty Halls.  He is a former Royal Marine, now diver, BBC TV presenter, marine biologist, public speaker … he’s the ultimate slashie!  Bit more interesting than “model, actress, whatever”.  This is another in his Great Escapes series, where he works and lives in remote communities around Ireland and the United Kingdom with his best mate, a dog named Reuben.  It’s charming viewing and goes perfectly with pizza and beer.


Australia’s Funniest Home Videos – 6.30 pm Saturday night on Nine

In the interests of inclusiveness, this is Boyo’s pick for new season TV.  There are only so many times you can view some poor kid fall off their trike, or an unfortunate bloke take a direct hit in the family jewels, but Boyo is an 8 year old and an 8 year old boy at that, so this is essential family viewing on Saturday  nights.  It’s safe to say that this return has been eagerly anticipated.  I have to say even I’m looking forward to seeing different blokes and kids mashing themselves.


What are you watching at the moment?   What am I missing out on?  I don’t think I’ve got time in my life for more TV but I’m easily persuadable.



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