How to apply brow pomade

How to apply brow pomade I’m rather a fan of a bold brow.  After a long flirtation with the 90s arched thin brow, I commenced an equally long program of growing my brows back. Unfortunately, all that plucking and waxing left a section that will never regrow.  I’m lucky that I managed to grow back as much as I did.

I tried various brow products to fill in my brows over the years. A combination of pencils, powders, mascaras and waxes gave me the best result.  The pencil would define my brow from underneath.  The powders would fill any gaps and blend into the brow.  Waxes and mascara, clear and tinted, would set the brow for all day wear.

The product which changed my life was Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade.  The Auburn shade was sold out worldwide, but I managed to get my hands on the Chocolate shade, a warm rich brown.

Take one little pot, add one double ended spooly / angle brush, spend a minute or two every morning, and you have the perfect recipe for Elizabeth Taylor eyebrows all day long.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade is the ultimate combination of cosmetics to add colour to define your brow and hold it in place.  It’s smudge proof and even waterproof. Perfect for a sticky summer’s day, or even a winter’s day when you run the risk of overheating, dashing between heated indoor and chilly outdoor environments.  So basically use every day that you don’t want your eyebrows sliding down your face.  Sorted!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade also doubles as an eyeliner, and if you want to go all out, you can use it as a brow primer and apply brow powder over the top.

How to apply brow pomade

How to apply brow pomade I’ve put together a really simple pictogram showing you how to apply brow promade.  I’m sharing my daily brow routine using Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade.  I like to use their double ended spooly / angled brush.

1.   Brush brows into shape with a spooly brush

  • If you have perfectly shaped brows, then you can stop reading right now.  This is all you have to do!
  • I brush up at the front of the brow and sideways at the end of the brow.
  • If you don’t have a spooly brush, use an old mascara wand that you’ve cleaned.

2.   Define the underbrow

  • Apply a tiny bit of brow pomade onto an angled brush.
  • I wipe my brush against the inside of the glass jar to remove the excess.
  • Next I define my brow by drawing a line with the brush, like I would if I was applying gel liner to my upper lashline.
  • For my full brow, I follow the line of the brow.
  • For my gappy brow, I draw the same line, pretending my gap has disappeared.

3.   Define the start of the brow

  • Without applying any more product, place the flat of the angled brush against the brow.
  • Make sure the angled brush has the narrow part at the top.
  • Gently move the brush against the beginning of the brow to get a nicely defined edge.
  • Our brows are sisters, not identical twins.  Often this part of the brow needs a little TLC to make your brows all matchy matchy.

4.   Apply brow pomade

  • Move the angled brush along the brow to fill in and blend with the defined line under the brow.
  • I use a combination of short strokes and a sweeping movement.
  • Apply a little more brow pomade to your brush if required.
  • Now is the time to fill in any gaps in your brow.
  • I use short strokes in a pressing motion to conceal the gaps in my brows.  Try changing the angle of the brush too.

5.   Brush through the brows

  • Using the spooly brush, repeat step 1.
  • This evenly distributes the product through your brows.

6.   Apply highlighter

  • Using a highlighting powder and a brush, or a highlighting pencil, I apply a little highlighter under the arch of my brows as the final step.

If you prefer to use a pencil, then you can still follow my how to apply brow pomade tips.  Using the flat angled brush is a great way to blend the pencil through the brows for a smoothly defined look.

Love brow powder with a wax or gel to set?  Follow the same steps, but exchange your brow gel / mascara brush for the spooly brush at step 5.

How to apply brow pomade | before and after

How to apply brow pomade before & after

Shop Anastasia Beverly Hills

I bought my first Anastasia Beverly Hills products at Sephora in LA, circa 2013.  I used to buy them from overseas, but you can pick yours up from Sephora, or Adore Beauty will sort you out.  Such fab customer service – and not just because every order come with free samples and a little chocolate treat!

 My brow grooming tips

  • Applying brow products is only half the story.  Starting with a great shape makes it easy peasy lemon squeezy.
  • I keep my brows in tip top condition by trusting a great brow artist to do her thing.  I recommend HoneyTusk Eyebrow Studio in Darling Street, Rozelle and Get Threaded at Top Ryde.  Thanks to Nikki from Styling You for the Get Threaded recommendation.  Click here to find your nearest Get Threaded.
  • I get mine professionally done every two-three months (I lie, it was 5 months between my last appointments) and tidy up the strays at home.
  • If you need help growing your brows back, find a great brow artist and embark on a plan of action with them.  Don’t let anyone else touch your brows in the meantime.  Yes, that includes you!  You might feel like you look a bit odd for a while as they grow back (you won’t really) but it will be worth it!
  • Bigger brows are an older girl’s beauty secret.  The bolder the brows, the less puffy the eyelid looks.  Plus totes distracts from forehead wrinkles.
  • Find a great brow artist by asking people you see with fabulous brows where they get their brows done.  Simples.
  • Just like you should never get a spray tan from an orange-coloured person, never get your brows done by a person with bad brows.  Trust me!
  • I clean up strays every few days with a quality pair of pointed tweezers.  I like Tweezerman and Sally Hansen.  I never touch my brow, just any strays under the line.
  • Tinting your brows helps to define them.  You may find that with a good shape and tint you don’t need to use brow products.

Are you a fan of a bold brow? What is your routine?

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  • Anonymous - 10 July 2014 - 8.14 am

    you rock the defined eyebrow! it so suits your look kim!
    when I was at the chemist an assistant was demonstrating a new product “designer brands” extender brow silk fibres … in a file like mascara … she convinced me and it works well!… cheers m:)XReplyCancel

    • Kim-Marie - 11 July 2014 - 10.31 am

      Ooh, that sounds interesting. Might have to track it down! xReplyCancel

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