How to Create Air Dried Curls

How to create air dried curls


My latest Lazy Girl beauty trick to share with you is how to create air dried curls.

I like to think I’m far more low maintenance in terms of beauty maintenance than I really am.  A good Lazy Girl beauty trick helps me fool myself!

One of the easiest lazy girl beauty tricks to get your hair ready in a flash is to put it up into a messy topknot, low bun or a good old fashioned ponytail.

If you’ve got hair like mine, starring curls and a short cut, then those options are out for you.  Don’t panic – I’ve got the perfect solution!

How to create air dried curls

  • Pat your freshly washed hair dry with a soft towel
  • Comb through a mixture of Original Mineral Frizzy Logic and Original Mineral Style Guru – or substitute your own favourite hair oil / serum and styling cream.
  • Define your part – if required
  • Twist sections of hair around your fingers to create curls
  • Leave to air dry
  • You can speed up the process with a diffuser set on high heat low power – tip your head forward and drop the curls into the diffuser with minimal touching
  • An alternative drying technique is to set your hair dryer to high heat low power, tilt the nozzle towards the head and twist the curls with your curls whilst blowdrying
  • After the curls are dry, shake them through carefully with your fingers
How to create air dried curls

Air dried curls on Day 1 – a few hours later

My Day 1 air dried curls after I’ve twirled and scrunched the ends to get rid of any residual crunchiness from excess product.  I find adding a smidgen of Frizzy Logic hair oil to my Styling Guru styling cream reduces the possibility of this occurring.

How to create air dried curls

Day 2 – curls and waves

This technique works so well for me that it even extends my Lazy Girl beauty routine.  Talk about a win win!

The following morning, I simply twist a few curls to define them, brush through the front section with my Tangle Teezer and add a hair accessory or two as desired.  I spray my hands with Original Queenie hair spray and pat over my head to reduce any flyaways.

I find I don’t need dry shampoo until Days 3 or 4, dependent on weather conditions.

How to create air dried curls

Day 3 – brushed out curls with a hair bow

On Day 3 of my air dried curls, I simply brush through my curls, adding a little definition with a tiny drop of Frizzy Logic on my hands as I twist a curl here and there, and then add a hairbow.  I repeat the flyaway trick with hairspray – it works a treat!

How to create air dried curls

 How to create air dried curls | the tools

Love a Lazy Girl beauty trick that just keeps on giving back.  Are you a fellow curly girlie?


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