how to DIY embroidered patch jeans

how to DIY embroidered patch jeans

Kimba Likes | how to DIY embroidered patch jeans

I am obsessed with embroidered patches.  I mean, why wouldn’t I be? They are ridiculously adorable and retrocute too.

I haven’t managed to find the perfect pair of embroidered patch jeans, so I decided to DIY.

how to DIY embroidered patch jeans

You need:

  • a pair of jeans
  • embroidered patches
  • pearl headed pins
  • needle and thread
  • iron, ironing board and cloth

Kimba Likes | how to DIY embroidered patch jeans

I found a pair of men’s Levi’s jeans at my local opshop.  When looking for boyfriend jeans, try actual men’s jeans.  Even better if they’re thrifted.  Not only will they be perfectly worn in already, if you stuff them up you won’t be throwing away a tonne of cash.

I have some embroidered patches in my sewing box that I’ve had for years.  One from a tap dancing costume in the early 80s even! I always check out markets for patches too.  More recently, I’ve found some at Spotlight and Cotton On Kids.  Typo currently has kickarse band patches for $5 each.

Kimba Likes | how to DIY embroidered patch jeans

First up, I pegged the legs of my thrifted jeans.  I cuffed the jeans in one fold, then took a few centimetres of fabric from the inside seam, folded it over and sewed it down the bottom.  Please note I can’t sew and I managed this.  Literally just in one side, out the other, with stitches close together.

Then use the completed leg to measure the second leg for consistency.  I mean, you could use a measuring tape and chalk and pins and shit like that, but my method works too.

The next cuff roll will disguise the folded section.  I’ve cuffed mine one roll further for a retrocute cropped look.

Kimba Likes | how to DIY embroidered patch jeans

The next step is patch placement.  Lay out your patches, grab some pearl headed pins and place where you think they will look good.

Carefully pull the jeans on and stand in front of a mirror to check placement.  I had a cartoon hotdog patch until a friend suggested a sausage on my crotch was perhaps not the look I was going for.

Repeat the process until you have found your perfect placement.  Just keep playing until it is perfect for you.

  • Try placing one on pockets
  • Experiment with colours and shapes and themes
  • Try removing one instead of adding another one
  • Change sides

Kimba Likes | how to DIY embroidered patch jeans

I finally settled on a 75 on the coin pocket, a lace bow on the hip, and on the opposite side two K patches and a retrocute smiley face.  I also popped a skateboard motif in the middle of one back pocket and a 96 in the lower corner of the other pocket.

The final step is to attach them.  You can sew them on but I prefer to iron them.  If you have vintage patches that don’t have sticky backing on them, use some invisible hemming tape.

  • Set your iron on cotton setting and switch steam off
  • Place plain cotton cloth over your embroidered patch
  • Press iron straight down without moving for about 25-30 seconds
  • Allow to cool completely without touching
  • Turn garment inside out and repeat the process for about 15-20 seconds
  • Leave to cool completely
  • To wash garments with embroidered patches, turn them inside out and wash on the gentle cycle.  Hang to dry.
  • If needed, repeat the process with a little bit of iron on hemming tape placed under any sections that have lifted.

Kimba Likes | how to DIY embroidered patch jeans

wearing DIY embroidered patch jeans

The final step is to rock those babies!  I’ve styled mine with striped knits and kicks for a casual day at home with a sick Boyo.

Kimba Likes | how to DIY embroidered patch jeansKimba Likes | how to DIY embroidered patch jeansKimba Likes | how to DIY embroidered patch jeansKimba Likes | how to DIY embroidered patch jeans

I recently switched up a plain khaki military style jacket with patches too.  Love taking something and making it my own!

Kimba Likes | DIY embroidered patch military jacket

Have you done any awesome DIY projects lately?

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  • Katypotaty - 27 July 2017 - 6.34 am

    I’m so NOT a DIYer, but I reckon even I could tackle these, Kim-Marie! Might have to trawl through Lincraft’s bargain bins for some cute pineapple and coffee cup patches!ReplyCancel

  • Jodie Filogomo - 26 July 2017 - 11.11 pm

    I really like how you pinned them on first before!! That’s a great idea!!

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