How to dress with a bloated tummy

How to disguise a bloated tummy with style tips and tricks #kimbalikes #fashioncamouflage

This post is totes all about me, my current health isshews, and how it relates to my style.  It’s all about how to dress with a bloated tummy.

First, a little insight into how some of my blog posts are created.  I post my images to my Tumblr when I’m sharing from Instagram.  I use it as a media library, and it’s also a super duper handy way to get some inspiration – for blog posts and my own style.

I can switch to month view, and often see a pattern in my style images. Sometimes this inspires a blog post.  I figure that if something worked for me, perhaps it might work for you guys too.

After a recent diagnosis of deep infiltrating endometriosis, ovarian cysts and adenomyosis, I’ve switched up my style a bit.  Or should that be switched down? It’s all about comfort and reducing pressure on my tummy region.  Unfortunately, I’m still a bit vain and have a natural abhorrence towards people asking me when I’m due.  The horror!

So, I’ve had to work out how to maintain my casual chic vibe and disguise an increasingly protuberant tummy.

Maternity clothes are a hell no option – I want to disguise, not emphasise!  I’ve pulled a few (OK, lots of) style shots that demonstrate some wardrobe trickery to show you how to dress with a bloated tummy.  I’m sharing some this week, and backing it up next week with some more style shots.

If you’re one of those lucky ladies who put on weight with your period, or perhaps you’re a recent new mama, some of these tips might be helpful for you too.

OK, let’s do this thing!

How to dress with a bloated tummy with style tips and tricks #kimbalikes #fashioncamouflage

Wearing Three Parsons cape jacket, Feather & Noise sleeveless knit, Next jeans, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, Spendless Shoes boots

Here’s how this outfit works:

  • Flares make midsection appear narrower by increasing volume at floor level
  • Strategic fading makes thighs appear thinner
  • Long line knit is fitted over my EnormoBoobs and looser over my tumtacular region.  You can assist this by carefully pulling at the knit to make it a little fuller in the front.
  • Contrasting cape jacket visually narrows the torso
How to dress with a bloated tummy with style tips and tricks #kimbalikes #fashioncamouflage

Wearing Three Parsons tunic dress and vest with Harlow leggings and Hush Puppies boots

Why this outfit works:

  • Baby doll shape of this full skirted tunic emphasises bust and floats over bloated tummy
  • Interesting contrast between leatherette leggings and blue suede boots breaks up the look
  • Contrasting vest visually narrows the torso
How to dress with a bloated tummy with style tips and tricks #kimbalikes #fashioncamouflage

Wearing Sarah-Jane knit, Sadie sweater dress, Crossroads jeggings, Mimco bag and Midas boots

Why does this outfit work?

  • The skinny jeans are actually jeggings with a wide elastic band waist that sits flat.  Comfortable and flattering.
  • Keeping the shoes and bag tonal helps to draw the eyes around the entire outfit
  • Layering a wide cropped top over a fitted long line top shows off baby-got-back curves whilst disguising the curve of a bloated tummy
How to dress with a bloated tummy with style tips and tricks #kimbalikes #fashioncamouflage

Wearing Seed Kids headband, Lee Cooper for Big W chambray shirt, Country Road knit, Feather & Noise ponte pants, Louenhide bag and Hush Puppies boots

Why this outfit works for a bloated tummy:

  • The black on black makes for a longer more lean look
  • Ponte pants are the actual best for smoothing in extreme comfort
  • Topping and tailing the black with matchy matchy blue tones draws attention to my face and makes my ankles appear slimmer
  • The textured black knit is heavy weight so sits well on the body
  • The wider top and narrower bottom of this knit creates a subtle blouson effect
How to dress with a bloated tummy with style tips and tricks #kimbalikes #fashioncamouflage

Wearing Three Parsons dress and scarf, Metalicus vest, Celine bag, Harlow leggings and Hush Puppies boots

Reasons this outfit works:

  • Keeping the base layers tonal is a figure streamlining trick
  • The combination of colourful long scarf and longline vest create a visually narrowed effect
  • You can’t quite spot the Three Parsons dress underneath, but it has an angled hemline and additional fabric to one side for a body skimming bodycon look

Do you have monthly bloated tummy issues, or are you an Endo Warrior like me?  Thank you for indulging me with this trip through my outfits to disguise a bloated tummy.  I hope there were some tips you could take away.

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