How to feel beautiful

How to feel beautiful // @kimbalikes

I’ll bet you’ve seen this sentiment shared a lot this summer. How to get a bikini body. Get a bikini. Put it on. Et voila!

Isn’t that fabulous!  It really is that simple.

Want to know how to feel beautiful? It’s pretty simple too. Ignore the bits that you don’t think are so fabulous and concentrate on the things that are wonderful. Ignore your flaws. Celebrate your qualities. Simples!

How to feel beautiful @kimbalikes

For starters, I guarantee that pretty much no one has ever noticed your vast catalogue of personal flaws. If they have noticed, say, your hugely embarrassing mole, they’re jealous of your retro cute beauty spot! Those thighs you think are the pits are someone else’s idea of the perfect hourglass figure.

My list of flaws include scars, unmatched eyebrows, wonky teeth, chinnage, moles, freckles, hyperpigmentation, lines, wrinkles, bags, stretch marks, no waist, my pot belly, tuckshop lady arms, cellulite, spider veins, a bit of chub … oh, and a few more scars.

How to feel beautiful @kimbalikes

Now, let’s move on. Let’s concentrate on the bits that are fabulous.  Love, friendship, kindness, skills, talent, happiness, confidence, ability, contentment, creativity, sense of humour, imagination … there are so many many things that truly fabulous about every single one of us.

These are the things that make us truly beautiful. That’s what it all comes down to in the end, don’t you think?

How to feel beautiful @kimbalikes

Oh, and the one thing guaranteed to make everyone feel beautiful? A big grin does the trick every single time! Now, that’s how to feel beautiful.

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