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how to flat lay
When I was a little girl, I used to love playing with my Barbies.  I’d dress them up and create outfits for them.  I would always look for doll clothes whenever we were at a garage sale or school fete.  I still have my Barbies and I treasure the vintage 60s red polkadot raincoat I thrifted for 10c as a child.

Now, I get my Barbie fix by creating styled outfits.  I love to use Polyvore to create style boards online.  My latest obsession is the flat lay.

What exactly is a flat lay?  Exactly as it sounds.  Simply lay out an outfit in a pleasing design on a flat surface and snap a photograph to share on socialite media.


How to Flat Lay | Four Easy Steps

How to Flat Lay

Plain Background

  • You need to create a plain, light coloured background.
  • You can try your carpet or floorboards.
  • Alternatively, lay a sheet or blanket on a flat surface like the floor, a dining table or bed.
  • I use my king sized bed with vintage white cotton blanket.

Create a Box

  • Make a square shape when laying out the outfit.
  • Create edges with the placement of the pieces.
  • Fill in gaps with accessories.


  • It’s all about proportion.
  • Lay a top flat.
  • Fold a pair of pants in half lengthwise and bend at the knee.
  • Fold a jacket in half and layer over the top.
  • Layer accessories and jewellery on the clothes.
  • This will help define the different pieces and pull them together simultaneously.


  • Keep playing and moving different pieces about the square you’ve created.
  • Keep snapping pictures.
  • Not only might you prefer an earlier edit when you’re reviewing the images later, but you could also create an awesome outfit Flipagram.


How to Flat Lay | Examples

How to flat lay

Plain Background 

  • The vintage white cotton blanket on my bed.  Sometimes I stand on my bed to get an eagle eye view.

Create a Box

  • The jeans and shirt create the main square shape.


  • The berry pink tones of the bra, glasses and shoe coordinate.
  • The jeans are folded for the right proportions.


  • I moved the beauty products onto the white shirt to define it against the white bedspread.
  • Moving all the accessories between the jeans and the shirt worked better for this flat lay.
  • Rules are made to be broken.  This is just a guideline to get you started.
  • Try flat lays for beauty products used for Face of the Day images.
  • Create a recipe flat lay with a cookbook, utensils, bowls, food etc.


how to flat lay outfits
How to Flat Lay

how to flat lay outfits

How to Flat Lay | The How Not To Flat Lay example

how to flat lay

Plain Background

  • The background is too dark so the details are lost.

Create a Box

  • Three boxes and I’ve created an arch.  Hmmm.
  • Epic fail.


  • The nail polish bottles coordinate
  • The rest is a hot mess!


  • Just keep trying!


Flat lays have had an unexpected benefit – my bed gets made every day!  How good is that?

Flat lays are also a great way to participate in Everyday Style with Styling You if you’re not comfortable sharing images of yourself.  Are you a flat lay fan?


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