How to make a Classic Trifle



You can’t beat a good old fashioned dessert, especially a classic old school granny special like the trifle!  Here’s my step to step guide on how to make a classic trifle.



Start with a Madeira cake and a big bowl.  Cut up the Madeira cake into little squares and use your fingers to squash it all down.  Drizzle the cake liberally with alcohol of your choice.  I like to use sherry.



Next comes the fruit.  I like to use a can of raspberries, as the syrup soaks nicely into the Madeira cake, followed by either fresh raspberries if they are in season and not exorbitantly priced, or defrost some frozen raspberries.  You could use many other fruits, but raspberries work beautifully.



Your next step is to add a layer of jelly.  I use a tablespoon to scoop it on, which is remarkably easier than cutting it up.



Custard comes next.  Whack it on in big dollops.  I like to use slightly too much custard.  It is old school trifle after all!



Finish with a layer of thick cream.  You can top with fresh raspberries, or a layer of grated chocolate.



The best part about trifle is that there is always, always too much, so leftovers served snuggled up in bed watching telly with your love is a top way to end a very busy weekend.

That’s how to make a classic trifle.  What’s your favourite old school dessert?


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