How to make the perfect coffee

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Kimba Likes Daily Treats Champagne Moments – notice a recurring theme?

If you’ve been hanging out with me on Instagram, you would have noticed a recurring theme.  Lots and lots of latte love.  Many photographs of gorgeous me time moments for Kimba Likes Daily Treats and Champagne Moments with Champagne Cartel featuring gorgeous glasses of deliciously luscious lattes.

I have recently learnt to use my own espresso machine.  I have only had it for a whole year, so it was about time, don’t you think?  I had to learn how to make the perfect coffee.

From someone who didn’t drink coffee AT ALL a year ago, I’m now a total coffee snob.  I will leave a nearly full cup of coffee in a cafe – even when I really really need that coffee hit.

Even though I drink decaf due to my autoimmune disease diet, it doesn’t mean I don’t like coffee.  In fact, I think it makes me an even more discerning coffee consumer.  Decaf coffee doesn’t mean tasteless and weak coffee, it means decaffeinated coffee.  I know – not that difficult right?

Due to the recent tragedy in Rozelle, my favourite cafe Penny Lane Rozelle was closed and I had to search far and wide for another decent cup of coffee.  If you’re in the area, my other-side-of-Victoria-Road pick is Tamp Espresso.   Luckily, Penny Lane is now open so please run don’t walk, and head to Darling Street, Rozelle as fast as you can, ‘kay?

It gave me the final push I needed to learn how to make the perfect coffee at home.

How to make the perfect coffee at home

How to make the perfect coffee

Making the coffee is the easy bit. It’s as simple as making sure the equipment and cups are preheated, tamping the ground coffee well and timing the extraction.

The tricky bit is getting the milk perfectly steamed. It takes a little practice but once you’ve got it sorted, you’ll be able to make your own perfect coffee.

Remember the Bend and Snap from Legally Blonde? Steaming milk perfectly is all about the Stretch and Spin!

Release a burst of steam first to remove any excess water, then introduce the steam wand halfway to the bottom of the jug. Then slowly move the tip so it is just below the surface of the milk.

Keep an ear out. You want to hear ch ch ch. Definitely no screeching nor no noise at all. The sound of silence is not golden when steaming milk!

The stretching process is increasing the volume of the milk by about 50%. Once it has increased in volume, tilt your jug to encourage the second phase of perfectly steamed milk. You want that milk to be spinning around the steam wand like a pole dancer. Or perhaps a spinning top for a more PG image.

When the milk jug is too hot to handle, your milk will be perfectly steamed and ready to add to your coffee.

Can you live without your daily coffee? Do you know how to make the perfect coffee at home?


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