How to wear a crop top with a muffin top

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You know how I feel about fashion rules, right? I think it’s time to smash another outdated fashion rule.  Women of a certain age can’t wear a crop top.  Wanna bet?

The rule of thumb when it comes to fashion trends is that if you were there for the first time around, tread very carefully for the second (or third) time around.

I loved a bubble skirt back in the day, and I have a modern version in my wardrobe now.  The trick is modernise the way I’m wearing it.  I won’t be teaming it with pink frosted lipstick and electric blue eyeliner for starters. I team it with a cropped jacket and a waist defining belt.

Neon and I were great friends.  I fondly remember my fluorescent socks – I had a pair of blue and a pair of pink and it was mix and match, of course!  This time around, I stepped right away from the trend, except to add a bright lime frock to my party wardrobe, and some neon orange and acid yellow cheap and cheerful jewellery pieces to my accessory collection.

The crop top is one of those trends that many of us are avoiding.  Especially if we have a muffin top.  There isn’t a piece designed to showcase a muffin top quite as well as a fitted crop top.

But I’ve got the perfect solution on how to wear a crop top – even with a muffin top!

How to wear a crop top with a muffin top #kimbalikes @kimbalikes

How to wear a crop top with a muffin top

The outfit most likely to produce a muffin top is a skinny jean worn with a crop top. Right? Right! You might think you can’t pull it off, but I’m here to tell you that you absolutely can.

  • Choose an oversized shape for your crop top – you do not want it skin tight
  • Try a horizontal stripe – for a visual widening effect on the crop top
  • Get serious underneath – team some smoothing knickers with a smoothing cami
  • Go for a mid rise waist skinny jean – for a smooth look and a leg lengthening effect
  • Hunt down a floaty tank – one with chiffon detailing or shirttail effect will look even more fabulous
  • Layer a tank instead of a shirt – it cuts down on bulk underneath when layering
  • A hi lo hem (or top with a tail, as I like to call them) – will add further figure flattery

How to wear a crop top with a muffin top #kimbalikes @kimbalikes

The wider shape of the top serves to broaden your shoulders and balance off wider hips and thighs. It also visually narrows your waist.  Yep, trust me on this one.  Although the crop top ends just on or above your waist line, because it is wider than your waist, it makes your waist look smaller.  Love that!

The floaty hem of the underneath layer works to soften the look and create movement.  The hi lo hem floats over bottoms without swamping you in the front with extra fabric.

How to wear a crop top with a muffin top #kimbalikes @kimbalikes

The mid rise waist jean, combined with a smoothing knicker, camisole or both, irons you out and keeps you nice and firm through the midsection.  Something I haven’t been since I was 9 months pregnant with a 10 pound baby!

A skinny jean in a darker colour visually slims your legs, and works with the wider top for the visual illusion we’ve created up the top.

I’ve cuffed my jeans in this look to show a little ankle. It’s the narrowest part of my leg, shows off my shoes beautifully, and lends a casual vibe.

Adding a long necklace helps to draw the eye down and breaks up the horizontal stripes.

How to wear a crop top with a muffin top #kimbalikes @kimbalikes

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