How to Wear White Jeans

Wearing White Jeans

If we’ve hung out here before, you’ve probably noticed that my sense of style is individual.  I like to wear colour and I celebrate the unusual and quirky.  I’m not afraid of fashion.  Yet there is one thing I just didn’t wear.  White jeans.  I was scared of them.

I had to get over my fear – and get over myself at the same time.  So I took the plunge and bought myself a pair of Bohemian Traders White Distressed Skinnies*.

Once they arrived (beautifully packaged, I must note) in the post, I have to confess I popped them straight into my clean laundry basket to take upstairs, where they were placed on my denim shelf in my walk in wardrobe.  And there they sat.

Finally, I decided that I needed to just, you know, put my white jeans on over the top of my big girl panties and rock those white jeans like a fashion rockstar!  I needed to figure out how to wear white jeans.

Wearing White Jeans

The Fox in Flats Style Dare prompt of Nautical Chic gave me the perfect excuse to rock my white jeans.  Want my tips on how to wear white jeans? Stay tuned!

How to Wear White Jeans

How to Wear White Jeans

OK, stay tuned.  Here comes the big breakthrough you’ve been waiting for.

Want to know the trick? How to wear white jeans?  Well, it turns it you put them on.  I’m serious. You put them on, you add some more clothes so you don’t get arrested for indecent exposure and you leave the house.  Yes really.  It’s as simple as that.  You’re not going to get arrested by the fashion police.

In fact, people may even stop you in the street to ask where you bought your amazing jeans.  True story.  It happened to me on both occasions I wore mine recently.

How to Wear White Jeans

  • Buy your white jeans in a style that you know suits you.  For me, this is a mid rise skinny and I just love my jeans cuffed.
  • When putting together your next jeans outfit, put on your white jeans instead.
  • Colour choices?  Wide open buttercup!  White is the ultimate neutral and goes with absolutely everything.
  • White jeans work beautifully with navy and stripes for a nautical look
  • For the perfect preppy look, team your white jeans with a pair of lace up derby shoes and a button up shirt layered under a cardigan
  • Dress up white jeans for a night out with a sparkly silk tank and classic pointed toe stilettos
  • White jeans are the ultimate for double denim looks.  Team a chambray shirt with white jeans.  Try a brightly coloured tee with a denim jacket and white jeans

Do you wear white jeans?  Am I just a wuss?

How to Wear White Jeans

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