Why I Love Mondays

Why I Love Mondays

I am one of those really weird people who like Mondays.  I really do.  I love Mondays, in fact.  After a busy weekend of family fun, Monday is my day.  The Welshman goes to work, Boyo goes to school, I get caffeinated on the school run and get my head down, bum up.   My Ta Da List gets a jolly good shakeup.

If there is ever a day to get something done, it’s Monday.  I’m relaxed and comfortable after the weekend and bursting with energy.  I totally love to harness the power of a Monday!

This week, I had a very busy Monday of an entirely different sort.  It involved girly maintenance, delicious treats and hanging out with some really fabulous women.  I could totally get used to this!  Ta Da List?  What Ta Da List?

Monday started on a high note after the transfer of Kimba Likes to my new fancy pants host, Swish Online.  Kimba Likes is now displaying all images and moving faster than a constipated snail.  I also have a pretty new blog header to introduce you to the main elements of what Kimba Likes is all about.  Check it out!

I now have the perfect comeback for anyone who ever accuses me of being one of those High Maintenance types.  My first task of the day was getting my eyebrows done – for the first time since January!  Yes, January.  Even for a dab hand with a pair of Tweezermans like me, 6 months is a long time between professional brow jobs.

On the recommendation of Nikki from Styling You, I visited Get Threaded at Top Ryde.  Considerably less painful than waxing, very consultative and I was extremely happy with the results.  Very reasonably priced too.

Next up, my mission for the perfect under eye concealer sent me to Mecca Cosmetica to check out Sunday Riley.  I need a replacement for my beloved Tarte Cosmetics Maracuja Creaseless Concealer.  Sadly, I’ve squeezed the final smidgen from both of the tubes I purchased in the USA last year.

The Sunday Riley Dry Touch Creme to Powder Concealer promises to completely hide redness, blemishes, and dark circles under the eyes. Plus the holy grail for old ladies, it is crease resistant so it doesn’t settle into lines.  Oh my goodness, on one day’s trial, I am completely and utterly converted.  At $34, it is remarkably well priced too.  Only $4 more than the US price.  Well done, Mecca Cosmetica!

I may have also treated myself to Sunday Riley Effortless Breathable Tinted Primer and Sunday Riley Blush in Dimples, the prettiest plum rose shade.

I Love Mondays

I adore Wild Orange Froyo.  If you follow my Instagram feed, you’ll be aware of this!  I sampled a new delicacy – a coconut iced coffee. Original Froyo, coconut water and coffee.  So much yum!

Following my breakfast and morning tea all rolled into one cup of deliciousness, I took myself directly to Brewtown Newtown for lunch with friends. What else is a girl to do on a magical Monday after all?

I Love Mondays

Dee from Mama Stylista, Sara, me, Kristina from Anizoe, Christina from Hair Romance

I presented the girls with an M&M Award.  It’s been a momentous year for all of us – blogging award nominations,career changes, book publishing contracts, new solo business ventures and beautiful baby bumps.  I thought we needed to commemorate it!  A tube of mini M&Ms seemed like a good idea.

I Love Mondays

If you’re within striking distance of Brewtown Newtown, head there stat.  Great coffee, excellent food and gorgeous hipster decor.  The sort of buzzy atmosphere which invigorates rather than making me feel old.  Know what I mean?

A delicious cafe latte was the perfect start, followed by breakfast for lunch – baked polenta with mushrooms, grilled asparagus, poached egg & parmesan, to be precise.  Followed by a World Famous in Sydney cinnamon cronut.  As you do.  Oh, I love Mondays.  Especially ones with cronuts and amazing women!

I Love Mondays

After lunch and a chat, it was time for what bloggers do best.  Instagram outfit photos, obvs!  I’m wearing a Ketz-Ke striped long line top – a Kiwi label I’ve recently discovered – under a Mela Purdie ruched zip front tunic.  Keeping warm in navy Country Road leather panelled ponte pants – I also have them in beige and black – and my vintage Morrissey leather jacket, which I’ve customised with Liberty of London buttons.

I’ve accessorised with Target tan studded ankle boots, my mint leather Anizoe tote, tortoiseshell cuff from Lady Chatterley’s Affair, agate drop earrings from the Berry Markets, and my gorgeous Pink Frosting necklace, a lovely gift from Formed Design Co.

I’m having fun with my new hair cut.  In the last three days, I’ve worn it in three different styles.  Curly, pinned curls and sleek.  I had to remove practically everything from my bathroom cabinet this morning to locate my gHD, so long has it been since I used it!  Jolly good excuse to clear out the bathroom cabinet, to be honest.

The fun of the day didn’t end there.  I collected Boyo from school, stopped at San Churro Glebe for an extra special after school treat, and then had a lovely visit with my lovely hairdresser.  Oops, I mean took Boyo to get his hair cut at Stevie English!  He’s giving some serious blue steel fash blogger ‘tude, just before he breaks back into cheeky Boyo mode.  I love this little dude!

I Love Mondays

Do you like Mondays?  Do you think that I’m weird because I love Mondays? How cute is my little man?


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