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I recently attended the International Spa & Beauty Expo 2013 courtesy of Maxted Thomas PR, with the lovely Rachel from Redcliffe Style.

We had a fantabulous girly day, wandering around the absolutely enormous Expo venue at Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre, picking up goody bags, trialling new products and colours, checking out new brands and accessories, and marvelling at the numbers of people for whom the term “natural beauty” could not be applied.

There was a huge focus on spray tanning and nails this year – every row of stalls seemed to feature at least one semi-clad young man or woman demonstrating the spray tan procedure.  Which seems to be turn whilst being sprayed and go orange, whilst smelling distinctly odd.  I am not a fan.


Rachel from Redcliffe Style demonstrating her killer cheekbones – so jealous!


Rachel and I were lucky enough to be treated to an Image Skincare Signature Peel, hands down the best treatment my skin has ever received.  When I experienced this treatment for the first time at the Beautiful You Hair and Beauty Day Spa Blogger Event, I was asked by a friend if I’d had Botox.  It is that good.

It was a little odd having a facial in the middle of an exhibition hall, opposite a fashion runway, but I coped.  Bravely.  Seriously, I would have done almost anything to get this fabulous treatment!



My Before and After.  I mentioned the words free Champagne, air conditioning in my hotel room and margaritas for dinner, and the extremely diplomatic beautician agreed that would certainly contribute to my dehydrated skin.  I was shocked at how much one night on the sauce and a few hours of air conditioning dehydrated my skin.  I immediately sunk another bottle of water too!

The Signature Peel is a little like a Sara Lee cheesecake – layer upon layer upon layer.  The skin is prepped first by reducing the pH level, then the layers of treatment products are applied.  Each layer remains on the skin, really increasing the ability of the products to improve the overall quality of the skin, resulting in lightened, tightened and brightened skin that literally glows and is plumped like a velvet cushion.

I purchased Image Skincare Vital C Hydrating Masque to help restore my pH level, Ageless Total Eye Lift Creme, because my Big Four Oh My Gods eye area needs all the help it can get, and Ageless Total Retinol A Creme, to help maintain the younger look and feel of my skin.



Luckily, being an International Spa and Beauty Expo, we were able to get made up again post treatment.  You do not want to walk around an event like this completely bare faced!

Youngblood is a brand I was introduced to at Beautiful You Hair and Beauty Day Spa and I am very impressed.  I was asked several times as I was walking around the Expo what colour lipstick I was wearing – Youngblood Tangelo.  It just attracts the compliments!

The products I was most impressed with post Youngblood makeover were the Creme Blush in Tropical Glow and Brow Artiste Kit in Auburn.  It had honestly never occurred to me to change my brow products after I had made the big change from brunette to redhead.  The difference it makes to my face is quite interesting – my green eyes definitely pop even more.  The Creme Blush has replaced all of my previous favourite powder blushes.  The decrease in visible lines on my tendency-to-dry skin is amazing.  Anything that makes my skin glow and appear less wrinkly is a must have for me!

I also purchased Youngblood Lipstick in Dragon Fruit (not yet released to the public) and Eye-Illuminating Duo, a double ended matte and shimmer neutral pencil of amazingness.

My makeup artist had free rein to make me up, and went with Glamour-Eyes Pressed Eyeshadow Quad, featuring colours in warm chocolate, cashmere taupe, denim blue and ice blue.  I wasn’t totally in love with the look on me, but I think I may invest in an ice blue for the inner corners of my eyes as a change from my usual antique gold colour.

Whilst I wasn’t totally enamoured of my final look, I love the opportunity to learn from makeup artists and to see what colours and techniques they select for me.  One trick I learned and have put into practice since is to continue the shadowed liner on an angle towards my eyebrow for a short distance, and then turn the brush on the flat side to blend the colour in towards the outer centre of the eye.  A very effective technique to add definition, which takes seconds to perform and looks like you’ve been professionally made up.

I bought Gorgeous Cosmetics Colour Pro Eyeshadow in Plum – I had been searching for this particular colour for quite some time.  A friend of a friend owns Wotnot, an Australian owned and made brand that’s 100% wot’s good and 0% wot’s not.  Wotnot Baby Lotion for my sensitive skin and Wotnot Facial Wipes, hands down the best facial cleansing wipe I’ve ever used, also came home with me.  I simply adore them!


What I Wore



Knowing I was going to be on the go all day long, with little opportunity to sit down, and not entirely sure of the air con / heating situation, I wore comfortable jeans.  NYDJ Janice skinnies don’t need a belt to hold them up – they simply do not move!  They’re flattering and comfortable and an absolute winner.  Continuing the comfort theme, but not wanting to rock up in my trainers, I selected my trusty Rockport loafers.  Supportive and comfortable, with more than a hint of geek chic, they look adorable with rolled up skinnies.  A Country Road silk tank added some much needed colour, and made my classic Cue blazer with waterfall lapels a little less “office” and a little more “casual chic”.  A medium size compartmentalised bag with a strap to wear it bandolier style was an essential.  Not too heavy to carry all day and big enough to carry the essentials.  My Melanie bag by Witchery also added another colour pop!

I had a fabulous time at the International Spa & Beauty Expo 2013 and can’t wait to attend next year’s event, which will be held at the fabulous new Glebe Island conference venue.

Click here to read Rachel from Redcliffe Style’s fabulous post on the event.  As much fun as I had learning all about the fabulous new products, I have to admit that I had the best time hanging out with my blogging buddy Rachel for the day!  Plus, I caught up with Christina from Hair Romance, who introduced me to the lovely Sara-May from Makeup Utopia, and I got to fangirl Michaela from Lather Rinse Repeat, who I’m pleased to report was just as gorgeous and funny in real life.


Kimba Likes Style Notes:

  • NYDJ – purchased from TVSN (I know.  The shame.)
  • Cue blazer – thrifted from Red Cross Rozelle
  • Rockport loafers – thrifted from Rozelle Markets (BNWT)
  • Orange Juice at Tiffany’s necklace – gifted from Ashloc Designs
  • Country Road splice silk tank – purchased from cardholder sale
  • Alannah Hill hairclips – purchased from Alannah Hill outlet
  • Melanie handbag – purchased from Witchery outlet

Kimba Likes Image Credits:

  • Photograps by Kim-Marie Williams and Rachel Wernicke of Redcliffe Style
  • Images edited by Kim-Marie Williams using PicMonkey, Diptic and A Beautiful Mess

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  • I was not remunerated in any way, shape or form for this post.  I received a media pass courtesy of Maxted Thomas PR, and was able to purchase products at reduced prices as an Expo attendee.
  • You can trust Kimba Likes to keep it real.  Just how I roll, baby.


  • Lisa Mckenzie - 16 September 2013 - 11.54 am

    Lovely outfit and it looks like you had a fab time.I agree with you about the peel your skin looks amazing i actaully did one last night ,I have been too scared to use it before now I have the Cosima Flawless organic Enzyme Peel and what a difference it makes I wished I had to guts to use it before now ( i have really sensitive skin ) I can only use Dermalogica and organic skincare,anyway it is done now and my skin is lovely!
    How lucky to get some Rockport loafers from the markets,good thrifting Kim-Marie ,i love my NYDJ too mine were from Trade Secret and they are AMAZING!!!ReplyCancel

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