Jarrah Hot Chocolate and the Tweenager | sponsored

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Kimba Likes Jarrah Hot Chocolate and the Tweenager | sponsored

There’s nothing that makes you realise quite how old you are until your kid starts really asserting their independence as a tweenager.

Boyo is in Year 5 – that’s high school the year after next.  High school!  How exactly did that come around this quickly?!

He’s really branching out with his sense of independence.  He walks himself to and from school.  He makes his school lunch every day.  He makes dinner for the family one night a week.  He creates sauces and salad dressings for other meals.  He does the dishes.  He hangs up washing.  He makes himself afternoon tea.  He boils the kettle and makes himself Jarrah Hot Chocolate.  Every morning, he makes himself an omelette for breakfast.

If only he’d learn to make his bed!  Oh and that dirty clothes go IN the basket, not next to it.

All of these advances of life as a tweenager were brought about by Jarrah Hot Chocolate.  Yes, seriously.  How does Jarrah fit in this impressive increase in abilities?  Well, let me tell you a little story!

I taught Boyo how to make himself a cup of Jarrah Hot Chocolate.  How to fill the electric kettle to the correct level.  How to safely pour the boiling water into the cup.  How to stir the Jarrah Hot Chocolate mixture properly.

Boyo made an impressive case to his parents.  If he was old enough to be trusted with the kettle, then he was old enough to get himself to and from school.

When we got home from the school run every day, Boyo would make us Jarrah Hot Chocolates to have with afternoon tea, and discuss with me when it was time for him to walk to school.  By himself.  Heart stopping moment.  Surely he needed to be at least 27 before he could walk by himself?  No? How about 21 then?

Kimba Likes Jarrah Hot Chocolate and the Tweenager | sponsored

A few more hot chocolates and a lot more persuading and we embarked on a routine of him walking to school by himself.  For the first few days, he walked to school with me and I taught him how to navigate intersections safely – whilst being aware of the craziness that inner city Sydney can instil in drivers!

The next step was walking one block ahead of me, with me supervising from a discreet distance.  The final step in the process was to walk him partway and let him go from there.

Now, he kisses me goodbye at the front door every morning and takes himself off to school on his scooter.  At 3.15 every afternoon, he arrives home, ready for his afternoon tea.

You won’t be surprised to know how often Jarrah Hot Chocolate is the superstar of our afternoon tea.  Not just because it is all about the chocolatey creamy deliciousness, but also because it gives me Cool Mum status.  I can say yes to daily chocolate as Jarrah Hot Chocolate is 99% fat free, contains no caffeine, is less than 62 calories per cup and is way more filling and longer lasting than a chocolate bar.

Whilst Boyo is growing up, we also need to make sure he’s not growing out too much.  His feet are already bigger than mine, and he’s not far off being taller than me.  Jarrah Hot Chocolate in the handy portion controlled stick packs is just perfect for this.  A great way to share a treat with Boyo, without the guilt.

As the weather has warmed up, we’re still suckers for our afternoon serve of Jarrah Hot Chocolate!  My favourite flavour is the Hazelnut and Boyo just loves Mint.  We’re both fans of the Frothy Classic too.  The range also includes White Chocolate, Extreme Chocolate and Orange.

Kimba Likes Jarrah Hot Chocolate and the Tweenager | sponsored

For those days when it is just too hot to face anything but a cool drink, Boyo has the solution.  He has perfected the Jarrah Iced Chocolate!

It’s easy peasy lemon squeezy.  He pours the Jarrah Hot Chocolate powder into a glass, adds just enough hot water to dissolve it, then adds ice cubes and tops the glass with cold milk.  If he could get away with it, he’d add a scoop of ice cream too!

Oooh, I would love one right now.  How about you?  What’s your favourite flavour?

Kimba Likes Jarrah Hot Chocolate and the Tweenager | sponsored

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This post was brought to you by Nuffnang and Jarrah Hot Chocolate

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