Kimba Likes 2012 : The Year That Was

Kimba LIkes Eaglereach Wilderness Resort

January 2012

I kicked off my Lifestyle Rehab, which involves taking charge of my life after years of chronic illness.  We met some friendly kangaroos at Eagle Reach Eco Resort, and I read George R R Martin all month long.

jai ho 3

February 2012

The Gorgeous Girls performed a Bollywood Flash Mob for Linda’s 40th.  Oh yes, we did!

The beautiful Betsey Bicyle made her way into my life, and I made some accessory storage.

March 2012

I participated in Sparkle Dare and bought a condom dress, along with half of the female population of Australia.

Boyo Spa Bali

April 2012

We visited Bali, where Boyo became a spa devotee, as well as turning 8 years old.  I became an inaugural Fox in Flats Top 50 Style Dare Blogger.

Bride Laughing

May 2012

In May, I was thankful for my magician aka cleaner, introduced the fabulous Leaf & Feather designs made by a gorgeous friend of mine and discussed how I relax.  Um, I don’t.  The Kimba Likes Lexicon was born, thanks to She’s Sonic from Shop Me Chic.  I guest posted for Fox in Flats about online shopping.

Love my Boyo

Love my Boyo

June 2012

I realised that I was thankful for being just the way we are, and I started planning for my inaugural blogging experience – Blogopolis 2012.  Boyo and I reviewed Ice Age 4 and Brave, and I guest posted for B Being Cool on makeup.

spring fling shoes

July 2012

I introduced the new love of my life – my Clarks Original Liberty print desert boots, and discovered I’d been brushing my teeth incorrectly.  For years.  Til I’d polished off large slabs of my enamel.  I guest posted for Redcliffe Style, and introduced my Rules for Op Shop Shoes – ewwwww!


August 2012

August is all about the Festival of Kimba, the annual celebration of my birth.  Redcliffe Style guest posted for me and I attended Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival as a guest of Sportscraft.  I guest posted for Styling You on skin pigmentation.


September 2012

I was grateful for an unexpected day off, had a rock chick date night and a family reunion in Christchurch.

Zombie Vampire makeup

October 2012

October was all about rocking on with my frock on for Frocktober.  I was very proud to nearly crack my target with $481 raised for ovarian cancer research.  I made a classic trifle and a zombie vampire – clearly multitalented.


November 2012

After the excitement of Frocktober, I flew straight into Bagvember with gusto.  Shamefully, I own more than 30 bags and was able to carry a different one every day.  I introduced some of my favourite shops, like Bella Emporio and Meshh Byron Bay.  I guest posted for Shop Me Chic on Xmas gift ideas for our bloke folk, and drooled over Sinnamon handmade indulgent biscuits.  My blog celebrated her first birthday.

 December 2012

I made Rosewater Vanilla cake pops, attended Xmas parties and shared our family story of the birds and the bees.  I found some shorts that I could wear in public.  Oh, and one more thing – I became a Brown Sugar Brand Ambassador!


Merry Xmas and here’s cheers for 2013!

xxx Love from Kimba Likes xxx



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