Kimba Likes Borne Naked Bagvember Day 29



Bagvember Day 29 and it’s the last day of my work week for November!  The weather is that peculiar Sydney combo of grey skies and stickily hot humidity.



Today’s bag is a “vegan” bag from Sussan.  It’s the posh way of saying “pleather”!  I just fell in love with the gorgeous colour, the roominess, and the detailing with the lovely buckled handles and the double zippered front pockets.  Might be handy on rainy days when I don’t want to take out one of my favourite leather bags.  Very friendly price point too!



The outfit du jour is by Brown Sugar, one of my new favourites.  I’m wearing a gorgeous lace shell top with sateen Parker print pants.  I deliberately bought the top a size too big, so it has a lovely swing top feel to it, and is very flattering worn over a fitted tank.  Would be amazing with a contrasting colour underneath.  My favourite Wittner sandals get another run – and they will be worn until I find the time to get a pedicure!  I’m wearing my Mimco lucky number 9 necklace, and it’s sharing space with my parents’ promise ring and my own wedding rings.  This sticky weather has brought on my eczema again.  My gorgeous agate drop earrings are from a fabulous jewellery maker who sells at the Berry Markets – I so wish I’d not lost her card!



I’m loving my new MAC Lustre lipstick in Syrup.  The Back to MAC program, whereby you swap six empties for a lipstick from MAC’s Top 20 list, is an absolute winner.  It’s chic-onomics, baby!



Boyo and I went out for dinner tonight. As I’m boycotting our local sushi bar, after I got food poisoning twice, we’ve gone upmarket with dinner at Rosebud, a lovely local cafe, with a very heavy hand on the wine pour – we like this!  I ate a gorgeous meal of Tasmanian steak with kipflers and rocket, followed by churros with chocolate sauce.  I’m ashamed to admit I drank the leftover sauce like it was particularly luscious hot chocolate!  Oh, the shame!  Boyo had free calamari, fries and salad (he even ate some of the dreaded green stuff) and his very own churro, not to mention an enormous bite of mine!

Seeing as it is my blog’s first birthday, I think it’s only fair that we celebrated!


So, what is this Bagvember stuff all about?


Have you heard about Borne Naked handbag liners?  I love to swap bags and I use mine all the time.


Image from


Amanda George from Borne Naked has a Handbag Blog, where she showcases everything handbags.  She’s a little bit obsessed (I know the feeling well!).

Amanda has issued a challenge for November.  Firstly, she’s nicknamed it Bagvember, and it’s all about changing handbags every day for the month of November.  Amanda thinks she probably has at least 100 bags.

I’m going to accept the challenge and change my handbag every day.  For reasons of practicality, I’m not committing to 30 handbags in 30 days, but I am committing to changing my handbag every day.

My darling 8 year old Boyo loved Frocktober and very proudly told everyone he met that his mama was doing Frocktober.  He brainstormed a pile of ideas for what I could do in November, and Bagvember was one of his ideas.  It’s fate really, isn’t it!  He also came up with Lipstickvember and Bravember and Knickervember.  Hmmmm …


Amanda will be posting pics of her daily Bagvember bag on FacebookInstagram and Pinterest.

If you feel like joining her (and me!), here’s the easy instructions of how to join in!

1)      Add your photo to your personal page tagging @BorneNaked or onto the Borne Naked FB page

2)      Post on Instagram using hashtags #BorneNakedChallenge #HandbagADay

3)      Post on Twitter using hashtags #BorneNakedChallenge #HandbagADay


You can follow my Handbag a Day adventures on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.  I’d love for you to join in the fun!



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