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I absolutely loathe that awful term so frequently used in advertising “as a busy wife and mother” … but it is a cliche for a reason!



We are all busy and juggling the multiple activities and requirements of our lives, whether our babies are human or have four legs and a tail.  Sometimes we have fur babies and human babies too!  Whether we work in the house or outside the home – whether we’re paid or not, we all work!  Whether we’ve met the love of our lives or if we’re still looking for that magical moment.

In order for us to keep on keeping on, we need to make sure that we look after ourselves so we can keep on looking after the rest of our lives and the people that depend upon us.



I’d love to inspire people to get up an hour early for a meditation and yoga session every day, but hey, let’s be honest.  We all know that’s not going to happen.  I am not that girl!

What I know I can do is share a lovely idea I had this morning.  What about taking a few moments every single day of July to give yourself a little daily treat?  Yup.  Every single day.



It might be a glass of Champagne with dinner.  It might be taking an extra five minutes in the morning and adding a hair masque to your shower routine.  How about a cup of coffee with one of your besties?  Mine are called my Gorgeous Girls and I luff them so.  It might be saying yes to a piece of cake or saying yes to getting out of bed early to treat yourself to some exercise.  I have to admit, that is not my idea of a daily treat, but we’re very inclusive here at Kimba Likes.  We love you all!

Perhaps you fancy a new lipstick or getting your nails done or taking the time to replace something in your capsule wardrobe.  Maybe taking the time to create your capsule wardrobe!  Shopping, whilst always encouraged here at Kimba Likes, isn’t necessary.  Instead of saving that embroidered pillowcase for your guest room, put it on your own bed.  Drink from fine bone china, not the chipped stoneware mug you grab every day.  Wear a piece of jewellery or carry a bag that you would normally save for a special occasion just to do the school run or the groceries!  Talk about a daily treat.



For the month of July, I would absolutely love for you to think about yourself.  Put yourself first.  You could even make a list of little things you could do for yourself to make yourself feel better.  Do something special for you every single day!

Please join me in snapping a little picture of your daily treat and share with me on social media.  Go on, you know how much I love a little picture or three!  Tag @kimbalikes and don’t forget to add the hashtag #kimbalikesdailytreats.




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  • […] important you are to yourself as well as to all the people who love and depend upon you.  Click here to read more about #kimbalikesdailytreats and a big kiss to all the gorgeous people who are joining […]ReplyCancel

  • Emily Morgan - 9 July 2013 - 11.36 pm

    oh yeah, I am all over this one! though sadly for me it will have to be a free treat (bring on my tax return!). luckily I have cocoa, sugar, eggs, flour, milk – Chocolate Cake, here I come!!ReplyCancel

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  • Lisa Mckenzie - 2 July 2013 - 5.52 pm

    Great idea I am a big believer of this I do actually meditate too not for an hour but I do it everyday I find it helps with chronic pain and helps me calm my mind.I also use the good things and wear the things I love cause lets face it life is short and we should enjoy what we have,so yes I will get on this challenge I am not promising to take a pic everyday but I will do it,thanks for the reminder it is important.ReplyCancel

    • Kim-Marie Williams - 9 July 2013 - 10.05 am

      Life is short. I understand life with chronic pain. I lost pretty much most of my 30s to it. The pic part is fun but the most important part is to remember how important we are to ourselves and to the people we love and who love us xxxReplyCancel

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