Kimba Likes Daily Treats | Week 1


I have been so thrilled by all the lovely ladies joining me for Kimba Likes Daily Treats.

It’s an idea I had one morning, thinking about how our lives are so busy, and so very often we’re not the focus of our own lives.  We may be caring for children or sick relatives – that takes priority over caring for ourselves.  We have work deadlines, bills to pay, forms to fill in, meetings to attend, appointments to be on time for.  Time for ourselves is at the end of the list there too.  We cook, clean, organise, ferry passengers, organise social functions, attend to fadmin like remembering events,  booking appointments …  Often if we do get time off to ourselves, it’s because we’ve organised it ourselves!  A waxing appointment does not feature as a spa day, just quietly.

Kimba Likes Daily Treats is all about taking a few moments every day to do something special for yourself.  It might be wearing your favourite Chanel lipstick that you usually save for special occasions, or like I’m doing today, wearing lurex sparkles on my sweater dress and cardigan.  Sitting in the sunshine to reflect for a moment is a fabulous daily treat.  Enjoying a cup of tea whilst it is still hot is as close as we get to luxury some days!

Whilst Kimba Likes is a well known shopping aficionado and enabler, this isn’t necessarily about buying yourself something special every day.  But if you’ve been looking for an excuse to replace a worn out pair of boots, or a handbag on it’s last legs, then please, feel free to use me as an excuse!



Here’s my first week of Kimba Likes Daily Treats – some days feature more than one treat!



Day 1 – Strawberry with whipped cream eaten in the sunshine

Day 2 Sofa snuggle day with my Boyo

Day 3 – A long day with Boyo and one of his mates drove me to chocolate!

Day 4 – Vietnamese Pork Roll for lunch and fresh pineapple cut up for me by the Welshman

Day 5 – Froyo from our favourite Wild Orange

Day 6 – Breakfast in bed – I know right, how lucky am I? to start the day off in style and Belle Fleur hot chocolate to finish my day in style

Day 7 – The Best Breakfast Ever – I’m currently obsessed with this! GF cereal, moist coconut flakes, organic Greek yoghurt and hot raspberries



Lots of lovely ladies have been sharing their daily images with me – here’s my first week of favourites.  Thank you so much gorgeous girls!


Check out the action on Instagram by following the hashtag #kimbalikesdailytreats.  It’s not too late to join in – you are very welcome! x


Love Kimba xx


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