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Kimba Likes Daily Treats | Champagne Moments

Are you on board with me for Kimba Likes Daily Treats? I’ve teamed up with the lovely ladies at Champagne Cartel and their Champagne Moments project, because we’re on the same page.

We all believe that we need to take a moment every day and celebrate the little things. Put yourself first for once!

You can play along by snapping a pic and sharing a moment on social media.  Just tag @champagnecartel #champagnemoments and @kimbalikes #kimbalikesdailytreats.

Kimba Likes Daily Treats | a me time project

Kimba Likes Daily Treats @kimbalikes #kimbalikes

Here are some recent moments in my life that were #kimbalikesdailytreats and #champagemoments worthy!

  • a homemade latte in my garden – check out the latte art koru.  Quite proud of that!
  • a beautifully scented rose garden on a walk home from dropping my car off to be serviced. It was more of an amble than a walk by the time I sniffed the flowers, cooed at babies, patted puppies, stopped for coffee and popped into the opshop on the way home!
  • a very well earned glass of Champagne on a lovely Saturday evening.  Enjoying the last of the long daylight saving time evenings. It’s my favourite part of summer.
  • an unexpected selfie which perfectly caught the gorgeous cerulean sky and my cray cray curls in motion!
  • brand new bright blue shoes of happiness – a very kind gift from Ezibuy.  Colour makes me happy!
  • an empty sink – because not only did we get the dishwasher fixed, but it required a different part than expected and we saved $200.  Plus did I mention we got the dishwasher fixed?


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