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I recently undertook a shopping project for Danielle, a Kimba Likes Styling client.

Danielle was after a versatile neutral shirt that she could wear for the weekend and to the office, perhaps in coffee colour.  She also wanted to buy a bigger style handbag in buttery leather, able to be worn cross-body style and big enough to fit everything in.

Danielle hadn’t been successful in her shopping ventures, so asked for some assistance.  I was more than happy to help!


The Neutral Shirt


Neutral Shirts for Danielle selected by Kimba Likes Styling


I’m sure there are loads of coffee coloured shirts out there, until I needed to find one!  This is as close as I could get for Danielle.  I gave her some options around the $100 mark, with one considerably cheaper and one considerably more expensive.  I selected a patterned shirt in neutral colours, and a left field option, because it’s always a good idea to try something out of your comfort zone.

Danielle thought the Seed silk shirt, which is excellent value for 100% silk, would suit her best.


The Oversized Handbag


Danielle Bags


Ooh, one of my favourite wardrobe essentials – the oversized leather handbag.  Again, I presented Danielle with a range of options on a sliding budget scale.  I’ve got a real thing for Sterling & Hyde at the moment – can you tell?  Love supporting Australian designers and small business.

This time, the left field option, the totes amazing blue Stacie tote (see what I did there?) appealed to Danielle.




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