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One of the Gorgeous Girls recently called upon the services of Kimba Likes Styling to help her find an outfit so she could travel in style.  Flying from Australia to North America with three kids in tow, she said she wanted to arrive “not looking like a huge dag for a change”.  Mission accepted!



We hit Birkenhead Point, my extremely conveniently located local outlet centre, and headed straight to Seed.  The outfit I had in mind comprised a pair of comfy pants, a long line tank, a knit and a gigantic scarf.  Add a pair of comfortable and walkable shoes that can be put on and taken off easily and you’ve got the perfect outfit for long haul airline travel.


1.      Knit

Seed Linen Sweater in French Blue $99.95 reduced to $34.97

A warm layer is essential when travelling long haul.  A cardigan is a good option but we selected this knit for my Gorgeous Girl.  It is a linen blend, light weight and adds a fabulous pop of colour.  The hi lo hem, split neckline and loose silhouette are flattering yet comfortable.  A jersey can be easily tied around the waist or popped over the shoulders to free up some bag space when in transit.

This piece will come in very handy for summer nights and cool mornings at your destination.  It will work as well with jeans and shorts as it will with skirts and over dresses.

This piece is currently on sale at Seed, and was purchased by my Gorgeous Girl.


2.      Long Line Tank

Seed Pyramid Panel Dress in Multi $69.95 reduced to $27.97

A long line tank is the perfect travel accessory.  As temperatures can fluctuate in airports and on the plane, a sleeveless layer is a fab choice.  The hi lo hem (or “tail” as I like to call it) gives you some extra modesty protection when you’re trying to sleep in a few inches of space, ie, when you wriggle and your top rides up, your bum isn’t hanging out in a pair of leggings.  Noice.  The long line tank can double as a beach dress when you hit your destination too.

This is currently on sale at Seed, and is the exact piece my Gorgeous Girl purchased.  Run don’t walk!


3.      Large Printed Scarf

Sussan Neutral Border Print Scarf $39.95

A large printed scarf in a breathable fabric is a travel essential.  It instantly adds a splash of chic colour to your ensemble, adds additional warmth and is versatile.  I have been known to tuck my ginormous scarf between my seat headrest and the seat in front of me as a canopy so a glare-sensitive Mama and Boyo can get some sleep.  A cotton or rayon version can double as a sarong at your holiday destination.  More room for shopping!

The piece my Gorgeous Girl purchased is no longer available online from Seed, but I love this fab scarf from Sussan.  The neutral base colour adds to its versatility, and the chevron print and on trend colours will work back with many other prints and patterns.


4.      Comfy Pants

Sussan Medallion Print Pants $89.95

I always prefer to travel in pants rather than a skirt, and never in jeans for long haul.  A pair of  dark neutral leggings would work equally well for this outfit, and I’d recommend popping a pair in your luggage to get changed into, especially when travelling with small children.

The beauty of a pair of printed relaxed fit pants is how versatile they are.  Layer them under a long line tank.  Tuck a silky tank into them, add killer heels and a statement necklace and you’re good for a sexy night out.  Wear them with a classic tee and sandals for a casual summer look.  Add a hi lo knit, a scarf and ankle boots and it’s the perfect trans-seasonal outfit.

The style my Gorgeous Girl purchased are completely sold out, but I’ve tracked down some amazing Sussan pants in Medallion print.


5.      Walkable shoes

Kenny Anderson KA-One Bleach Sand Converse from Style Tread $120

My Gorgeous Girl really, really wanted to buy a pair of ankle boots, to fill a wardrobe gap.  However, we came to the conclusion that trying to travel light and taking a heavy pair of ankle boots to a tropical destination was probably not the best combination.  Plus, even the most comfortable boots aren’t fabulous on long haul flights as they’re not easy to take on or off in limited space.

A pair of neutral and comfortable shoes was exactly what we needed.  My Gorgeous Girl found a fab pair of canvas trainers from the Clarks Warehouse in neutral beige with blue trim.  Perfect for walking through airports, children in tow, as well as trogging around Disneyland.

I wasn’t able to find an online shopping link for the pair we purchased, but how can you beat Converse for casual glam?  I luff them!


Mission accomplished!  My Gorgeous Girl was very happy with her new gorgeous Seed Femme outfit, especially the outlet centre prices.  I can see all the gorgeous pieces working back beautifully with her existing wardrobe.  If she needs help with that, she knows who to call!

If you need help with your outfit or shopping, I’d be delighted to help you too, either in person or online.  Just email me at


Kimba Likes Image Credits:

  • Images created by Kim-Marie Williams using PicMonkey
  • Product images from Seed, Sussan and Style Tread

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  • Norlin Mustapha - 12 July 2013 - 10.56 am

    Amazing tips there! I agree, you can have comfort AND look smashing at the same time. Love that knit and love the fact that we can shop at a discounted rate AND look good! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • katypotaty - 5 July 2013 - 6.30 pm

    I absolutely love everything about this outfit – I would wear every piece all the time! Heading straight to Seed’s website right now!ReplyCancel

  • Lisa Mckenzie - 20 June 2013 - 12.50 pm

    Lovely outfits Kim-Marie and I love Seed they have beautiful things don’t they.I am loving the Sussans scarf too,i have a scarf obsession they add a pop of colour to an outfit extra warmth and style.ReplyCancel

  • Ei Nyo - 19 June 2013 - 10.09 am

    You have an amazing sense of style! Love the french blue knit!ReplyCancel

  • Steph @MamaMarmalade - 19 June 2013 - 6.33 am

    Might need to take your advice in 4 very short weeks! Soon I’ll be able to get all your Kimba Likes in the flesh! Can’t wait to finally meet you xReplyCancel

    • Kim-Marie Williams - 19 June 2013 - 7.29 am

      Yay, am so looking forward to that babe! 🙂 Just remember layers, layers, layers and a spare change of clothes for everyone – especially you! Let’s face it, if anyone is going to be vomited on during a flight, it’s the mama!ReplyCancel

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