Kimba Likes Valentine’s Day

My outfit isn’t complete without a heart or three

I’m a sucker for a bit of romance and love and I adore celebrations.  I wear at least one piece of heart shaped jewellery every single day.  Of course I love Valentine’s Day!

Ring Cushion

The Welshman and I were scheduled to have our official first date on Valentine’s Day, way back in 1999, but we took the pressure off by hanging out on Friday night at my house, watching rugby, eating pizza and drinking beer.  As the Welshman said in his wedding speech, “Beer.  Rugby.  Pizza.  What a top chick!”.

I was lucky enough to receive the most beautiful flowers from Interflora as an early Valentine’s Day present – they’ve definitely added a touch of romance to our week!

Boyo came down the stairs for a drink of water on Saturday night, and stopped at the sight of the table set with flowers, candles and wine glasses.  “Oooh, are you having a romantic dinner?”, he asked.  When we replied yes, he scampered upstairs very quickly and told us to have a good time, bless his little cotton socks.

On the anniversary of our first date, we enjoyed one of my favourite special treat dinners – fresh tagliatelle made with hot- and cold-smoked salmon, fresh dill, white wine and cream.  You can see why we don’t have it very often!  The Welshman is, quite simply, the best cook I’ve ever met.  Only one of the multitude of reasons I’m so delighted he’s in my life.

We don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day, because we give each other cards on our dating anniversary.  Or is it more that we celebrate it for an entire week?  Yes, I think that might be more like it!  For Valentine’s Day, Boyo presented us with handdrawn cards and was delighted with his box of Kiwi Mackintosh Toffees.

Loveheart car for Mummy x

The Welshman and I don’t really do presents for this anniversary – but we always follow the theme for wedding anniversaries.  However, I did break the rule when I saw this lovely little book.  I just couldn’t resist it!

Of course, I had to wear a red lip for Valentine’s Day.  As you do.  I think it might be mandatory.

MAC Russian Red

A couple of the Gorgeous Girls and I popped into the city for a spot of shopping.  And chocolate.  For lunch.  As you do.  It’s Valentine’s Day after all.

Max Brenner – Spiced Cinnamon Babka cake with Chocolate Lick. And yes. I did. Shamelessly.

We did have another romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day – Japanese for three at our local sushi bar.  Boyo and I usually have a dinner date every Thursday night, but we were more than happy to have the Welshman gatecrash.

When asked what I should photograph for Photo a Day’s prompt “love is …”, Boyo pointed at himself. How could I resist? xx

All in all, a very romantic and sweet week with my sweeties (and a box of sweeties) in the Kimba Likes household.  I hope you’re feeling the love too. xx

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