Knotlace Jewellery

Knotlace Necklaces

Kimba Likes Knotlace Jewellery | my very first attempt

As I was procrastifluffing on Instagram recently, I discovered the fabulous jewellery that is Knotlace.  Necklaces made of tiny metal cups stacked into each other to create a truly bendy piece of jewellery.  As Knotlace themselves say, offering endless possibilities.

The lovely Emma from Knotlace contacted me to offer to send me one.  I’d already placed my order by the time I found her email! I purchased a Miss Knotlace necklace in Rose Gold, and was very kindly gifted an Original Knotlace necklace in Rose Gold.  The difference is in the size.  5mm for the Miss Knotlace and 6mm for the Original.

The day mine arrived I had literally 30 seconds to myself.  I popped both over my head, twisted the two necklaces together around my neck and then rolled, twisted, folded and scrunched the front length.  So. Much. Fun!

Later that evening, I had a wee bit more time, so I amused the Welshman, who asked if I was playing dress ups, as I created design after design and took selfie after selfie.  Why yes, darling, I was playing dressups.  It was awesome!

I may have also purchased myself another Knotlace necklace – an Original in Silver.  I know.  I need a Knotlace intervention as I’m already eyeing up another one or three!  I’d love a Rose Gold Long one, and have you seen the gorgeous Multicoloured design?  Imagine the endless possibilities!


Knotlace Jewellery | How to Wear

There are literally hundreds of ways the Knotlaces can be worn.  Combine two or more to create even more designs.  I spent 10 minutes creating the designs you see here.  It’s the perfect School Run Style accessory, don’t you think?  Grab your Knotlace as you’re running out of the house, and create an amazing individual statement piece by the time you’ve locked the door!


Knotlace Jewellery | my designs

Knotlace Jewellery

Kimba Likes Knotlace Jewellery | The Pretzel

  • Knot two Knotlaces together by pulling one through the other to create a centre knot
  • Twist each side.
  • Place on body and loop at the nape of the neck.


Knotlace Jewellery

Kimba Likes Knotlace Jewellery | The Shield

  • Follow the steps for The Pretzel
  • Add an extra twist to the front knot
  • Create a shield shape by moving the sides further apart


Knotlace Jewellery

Kimba Likes Knotlace Jewellery | The Rubber Band Ball

  • Put one Knotlace around your neck.
  • Place another Knotlace in the centre
  • Twist and turn until you create a ball.


Knotlace Jewellery

Kimba Likes Knotlace Jewellery | The Beehive

  • Put one Knotlace around your neck.
  • Place another Knotlace in the centre and twist to create a small ball.
  • With the excess, wrap around the ball.

Knotlace Jewellery

Kimba Likes Knotlace Jewellery | Tie Me Up

  • Put one Knotlace around your neck and press together to make a long thin shape
  • Place another pressed together Knotlace horizontally under the first Knotlace and bend forwards
  • Plait the three ends together


Knotlace Jewellery

Kimba Likes Knotlace Jewellery | The Twist & Shout

  • Place two Knotlaces around the neck
  • Twist a couple of times at the nape of the neck
  • Twist the front pieces together and roll upwards, looping and twisting

Knotlace Jewellery

Have you already discovered Knotlace jewellery?  Are you intrigued?


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I received one Knotlace piece as a gift from Knotlace.  I’m choosing to share Knotlace with you because, quite frankly, I think they’re awesome!

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  • Kim Seymout - 20 June 2014 - 10.22 am

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