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Kimba Likes latte love | my love letter to lattes | @kimbalikes #kimbalikes

I do not have a day go past where I don’t drink at least two cafe lattes.  Usually three or four.  Penny Lane in Darling Street, Rozelle make me a daily decaf latte, and I buy my beans from them too.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see my daily tribute to my latte love.  My Kimba Likes Daily Treats project heavily features lattes!

It often strikes me as bizarre considering I didn’t drink coffee for years.  Years and years.  I just didn’t like the taste. It was watery yet bitter and I just couldn’t see the point.

I grew up in the era of instant coffee – coffee in a jar.  Powdered granules of hideousness.  Posh coffee was from a plunger, and fancy coffee was made in a drip filter machine.  No wonder I didn’t like the stuff.

When I discovered chai lattes, I was in heaven.  Flavoursome, warm and creamy, and the perfect cafe treat.  Easy to order, easy to drink and yummy.

Kimba Likes latte love | my love letter to lattes | @kimbalikes #kimbalikes

I love a good cup of tea but let’s be honest.  It is a pain in the posterior to order in a cafe.  There’s a pot, a strainer, a cup and saucer, a spoon, a jug of milk.  Too much stuff for little hands to grab. Plus they always give you full cream milk.  Yeucch in a cup of tea.

I moved on to cafe lattes and I loved them.  The richness, the bitterness, the full flavour. Unfortunately, coffee didn’t love me as much I loved it.  Caffeine gives me an upset tummy, heart palpitations and the shakes.  It’s not a good look.

Decaf has always been an option. For true coffee lovers, it’s akin to telling a serious wine connoisseur that you prefer Chateau de Cardboard aka cask wine to a vintage French wine.

Understandably so, because for years, decaffeinated coffee was disgusting.  Technological advances in the decaffeination process have enabled the coffee to retain its, well, coffee-ness.  The richness, robustness and depth of flavour whilst removing the caffeine.

Kimba Likes latte love | my love letter to lattes | @kimbalikes #kimbalikes

Many coffee fans seem to consume the stuff not out of love for the taste but for the jolt and energy boost the caffeine will give them.  For me, it’s all about the flavour and the taste.  It doesn’t need caffeine to give me a boost!  I get it from the warm familiarity of my daily latte love – like a hug in a cup.

When I’m working at home, I forget to stop.  Sometimes I even forget to eat.  Having my own espresso machine gives me a good excuse to have a break and stretch.  The process of making a coffee, from grinding the beans to steaming the milk, is almost zen-like.  It’s a little ritual and I truly love it.  I couldn’t cope with a pod machine.  I adore the process of making a coffee too much.

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I love my daily cups of tea – Tetley Decaffeinated in the morning, and flavoursome herbal blends to sip during the day – but latte love is where it’s at for me.

Isn’t it funny how much my latte love is such a big part of my daily routine, when a few years ago I couldn’t stand the thought of coffee!

Kimba Likes latte love | my love letter to lattes | @kimbalikes #kimbalikes

Are you a fan of coffee? What’s your coffee style?

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