Laundry Life Hacks for Sheets

I’m rather fond of laundry. I love the process from chaos to sweetly scented clean clothes.  But I’m afraid sheets are my bete noire.

We didn’t use our dryer for so many years that when the relentless wet weather forced me to use it, I discovered it had given up the ghost.  Now it’s a rather expensive metal cupboard on the wall.

Our urban suburban garden just isn’t big enough for a proper washing line, and my search for a mini one that can be popped through our outdoor table and into an umbrella stand has proved fruitless.

Umbrella hangers, a travel laundry line and clotheshorses are all I have at my disposal.  It’s the price we pay for living about 15 minutes from pretty much everything!

Take it from me – if I can launder all our bedding every week under these circumstances, then you know these are some damned good laundry life hacks for sheets!

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Laundry Life Hacks for Sheets | umbrella hangers

I’ve spoken about my love of the IKEA Pressa octopus hangers before.  They’re the best $5 you may ever spend.  I even take them on holiday.

Not just for socks, jocks and baby clothes though.  Towels dry better hung full length on one of my trusty umbrella hangers than they do when folded over a clotheshorse.

Flats sheets can be folded in half and hung from an umbrella hanger – trust me, I do it all the time.

Where the umbrella hangers really come into their own for sheets is for fitted sheets.  They’re awkward to hang up on a line.  When hung on an umbrella hanger, the air circulates really well around the drying laundry, and they dry super quickly.

Great for single sheets, but even better for king size sheets.  When you have limited hanging space, one king size sheet can wipe that out!

Kimba Likes Tips Tricks and Life Hacks #kimbalikes #lifehacks

Laundry Life Hacks for Sheets | folded flat sheets

I used to have a “proper” washing line – a Hills Hoist-esque one purchased in a fit of inspiration from Aldi when Boyo was a tiny baby.  It was quite the drama pushing the pram and carrying a washing line, let alone trying to load it all into the car.

Demonstrating my Kiwi ingenuity, we popped it through the outdoor table and into the umbrella stand – replacing it for barbecues, obvs!

Unfortunately, it died a few years ago and I haven’t been able to find a suitable replacement.  My line space is restricted to a few metres of a travel line suspended underneath my balcony.

When hanging flat sheets to dry, if you hang them over the line, perfectly distributed down a middle crease, when you remove the dry sheet from the line, half your work of folding is already done.  Winning!

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Laundry Life Hacks for Sheets | linen cupboard storage

Look, I have to confess that I tend to take the clean sheets right off the line and pop them straight onto the beds.  (Well, the Welshman does that for me – making beds is beyond me at the moment).

But when I’m changing over seasonal linen, or storing linen for our guest beds, I love to use this easy peasy lemon squeezy trick.

If you can’t manage the art of the perfectly folded fitted sheet, then you will love this tip even more.

Fold up all your sheets, including coordinating duvet covers if that’s your thing, and pop them all into one of the pillowcases.  You’ll never have to rip everything off the shelf again, looking for the matching set.  You can just roll up your fitted sheet and pop it in – no more folding angst.  Rolling works just as well for your fitted sheet as it does for your holiday wardrobe!

PS – for the record, folding a fitted sheet is easy. You just gather the short ends together, then fold lengthwise, with the elastic in the centre.  Then fold concertina style three or four times, depending on sheet size, until you get a lovely rectangular folded sheet.

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  • merilyn - 5 November 2015 - 4.06 pm

    great tips thanks kim! … i’m trying to order things!
    hope things are going well for you hun! … love m:)XReplyCancel

  • StyleOnV - 5 November 2015 - 6.59 am

    Love these tips. I also fold them as I take them off the line. V xReplyCancel

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