Laundry Life Hacks

I’m one of those weird people who actually really love laundry.  I know, right.  It’s the process of chaos to organisation that I find soothing, I think.

I’m sharing three of my favourite laundry life hacks to make your life better by making it easier.

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Laundry Life Hacks | hang ups

Hang whatever you can on clothes hangers when you’re hanging your laundry to dry.  Hanging laundry on hangers takes up less space than line drying.  Use line clips to hang even more hangers on your lines.

When the clothes are dry, they can be transferred direct to your wardrobe – no folding required!  Oh hell yeah!

Plus, if you use a reduced spin cycle, and dry your clothes on hangers, you can also reduce the need to iron.  Yeah baby!  I love laundry, but ironing is the worst.

Kimba Likes Tips Tricks and Life Hacks #kimbalikes #lifehacks

Laundry Life Hacks | be bold, don’t fold

Life is too short to waste time folding undies and knickers.  That’s just pants.  Just pop them flat in a pile and chuck ’em straight into your knicker drawer.

Kimba Likes Tips Tricks and Life Hacks #kimbalikes #lifehacks

Laundry Life Hacks | individual laundry baskets

Whilst I love laundry (I know, I’m repeating myself), putting away clothes is not much fun.  I’d rather do it than the ironing though.

So my solution is to fold everyone’s clothes into individual laundry baskets.  They pick ’em up and take them to their wardrobes and then it is their responsibility to put their own clothes away.

If Boyo wants to dress himself out of his basket, then that is cool too. Just so long as I don’t need to put the clothes away!

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