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Want to know a bit more about my life as a blogger?  It largely involves me hanging out on socialite media, bribing Boyo with froyo for photoshoots, emailing right, left and centre, and bashing away on my laptop in my lounge room.  Working from home means you effectively can always be working!

Occasionally, I have the sort of week that people think I have when I say I’m a blogger.  My very busy week recently involved four PR events.  I love attending PR events, so I can learn about new companies, new developments, new designs, new offerings … to share with my lovely readers.

I used to organise these type of events in a former life, so it’s very interesting to see them from the other side.  Considerably more relaxing too!

Kimba Likes Life as a Blogger, attending Esprit Online Store's first birthday #espritanz @kimbalikes #kimbalikes

Esprit Online Store First Birthday

What a delightful event – brunch at Wharf 4 on Sydney Harbour to celebrate the first birthday of the Esprit Online Store.  Really lovely to learn more about a brand that has been part of my life since the Esprit canvas bags were an essential for teenaged me and all my teenaged friends.  Every Woman of the 90s needed an Esprit black leather handbag – and I was no exception. I wore an Esprit linen shirt the night I met the Welshman.  Baby Boyo rocked his Esprit baby denim dungarees, and he now rocks Esprit jeans, shirts and T shirts suitable for the cool dude he is today.

Pleased to report that Esprit, which had dropped off my radar somewhat, is still a wardrobe essential.  I received a gorgeous Cotton Wrap Cardigan as a gift, just as the weather decided to hit the high 30s.  Luckily, like so many Esprit designs, it is a style classic.

Kimba Likes Life as a Blogger, attending the launch of the new Qantas Economy Dining Experience #qantasfood @kimbalikes #kimbalikes

Qantas Economy Dining Launch

What a fun event to launch the new Qantas International Economy dining service.  We were greeted by uniformed Qantas staff who issued us with a boarding pass and conducted a safety demonstration.  We were seated at a long table, but served from airplane trolleys, from the new and vastly improved International Economy menus.

I could listen to Alan Joyce talk for hours – that lovely Irish accent!

  • Wider choice of meals available – including smokey barbecue beef, honey roasted chicken farro salad, hot breakfasts and granola & yoghurt
  • Gluten free offerings
  • Fifty per cent larger servings
  • Faster service
  • Serving plates, instead of trays
  • Select on Q Eat service now available to Economy passengers – preorder online
  • Welcome drink served shortly after takeoff, featuring exclusive to Qantas flavours from Bickford’s
  • Self-serve grazing options including pulled beef sliders, Weis bars, Maltesers, fresh fruit

Book me a holiday stat!  We’ve rescheduled our next big overseas holiday to 2016, as we’re having lots of overseas visitors coming our way next year.  Can’t wait to sit back and relax on the A380!  Can’t wait to visit Europe either.  Click here for more information

Kimba Likes Life as a Blogger, attending the launch of Cash by Optus #cashbyoptus @kimbalikes #kimbalikesCash By Optus Launch

Cash by Optus is an innovative new way to make your smartphone super duper smart – by using it as a cashless wallet!  You can tap your phone at a Visa PayWave station, or tap another tab on the app to access a virtual Visa Prepaid Debit card.

Guests were invited to shop from a gorgeous range of Hutwoods handmade candles, and natural skincare products from Toby and Rosie, using credit on smartphones provided by Optus for the night.

The biggest laugh from the night came from the GM of Heritage Bank, who declared himself to be an old guy in a suit.  How cool he felt, which he mentioned isn’t a feeling that happens often to an old guy in a suit, when he whips out his phone to pay for his lunch.

Currently limited only to Optus Android smartphones.  Click here to learn more about it!  If you’ve been considering switching carriers or operating systems, this might just prove the deciding factor.

Kimba Likes Life as a Blogger, attending Kid's Business Bloggers Brunch #bloggers_brunch @kimbalikes #kimbalikes

Kids Business Bloggers Brunch November 2014

I just adore the Kids Business annual Bloggers Brunch events.  It’s not only a great place to learn from the guest speakers and brand representatives, but also an excellent opportunity to catch up with some fabulous bloggers.

The theme for this event was The Art of Being Happy.  Well, I’m pretty sure they achieved that!

Some of the companies I met with:

  • Brumby’s – apart from all the beautifully packaged ready to gift Christmas goodies, I just adore their charity program this Christmas.  Every customer is offered the opportunity to donate $3, which will purchase 2 white sandwich loaves, to be donated to a charitable organisation for people in need.
  • Only Organic – a baby and children’s food brand from New Zealand, but which met with my approval!  As someone with food allergies, I’m always looking for food I can eat on the run and take with me when travelling.  The yoghurt covered rice crackers and chocolate custard pouches were a particular hit with me.  A little Only Organic birdie told me they’re working on an adult range.
  • Dyson – I’m trialling the awesome Dyson Cool, their bladeless fan.  Lovely to meet a team so passionate about their company.
  • Omo and Jif – well, they got me digging in a paddling pool dirt garden to find worms in the aid of lightening the load for mums.  Kinda fun!
  • Breville – they had me at Heston, I mean hello.  Introducing their new The Boss blender, I tried homemade macadamia nut butter, green smoothies (so much yummier when you don’t have to strain them through your teeth) and a truly delicious mango sorbet, all whizzed up in The Boss.
  • AVG – a company passionate about internet security for families, and a subject close to my heart with Boyo spending more and more time online.
  • Oliving by Hans – a healthier choice for families, offering a range of deli products enriched with olive oil inspired by the famous Mediterranean diet.  A huge hit when I arrived home with goodies perfect for our weekend family pizzas!
  • Arnott’s Shapes Light & Crispy – a more grown up and healthier version of Shapes biscuits, with delicious flavours designed to sort those snack cravings right out!  Although they are designed with the female market in mind, they’re a great option for mothers of older kids who want to watch what their kids eat.
  • The Nappy Collective – an awesome organisation designed to collect and sort all those spare unused disposable nappies before distributing them to families in need.  We haven’t had nappies in the house for more than 8 years, but it is something I’d love you to share with your friends and family.  Please click here for more information on how you can help.

I hasten to add that my life as a blogger involves far more laptop time at home than sipping champagne and chatting.  This week, I’ve only left the house to visit the Post Office and take Boyo out for Froyo.  Life as a work-from-home blogger has some definite advantages though.  When I’m sick, like I am at the moment, I simply relocate my office to the sofa!

Would you like to know any more about these companies?  Please let me know and I’ll do my best for you!


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I was a guest of Esprit, Qantas, Optus and Kids Business.  Thank you.


  • Sarah - Style Unearthed - 21 November 2014 - 1.17 pm

    You’ve been very busy! It looks like a lot of fun. I’ve not been able to attend any events as yet – they always seem to fall on the days I work! Holding out hope to get there one day 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Ingrid @ Fabulous and Fun Life - 20 November 2014 - 8.56 am

    Wow what a fabulous and fun blogger week you had!
    I hope you recover quickly so you can go to more events! I love reading about them on your blog!ReplyCancel

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