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It’s coming up to the school holidays, so it’s a great time to share a few travel packing tips, tricks and life hacks.

Kimba Likes Life Hacks - travel packing tips #kimbalikeslifehacks

Travel Packing Tips | cotton wool

Is there anything worse than opening up your carefully packed powder compacts to discover they’ve smashed en route?  It’s enough to make you want to get smashed.

Prevent this by popping a cotton wool round or a cotton wall ball between your makeup and the lid.

Kimba Likes Life Hacks - travel packing tips #kimbalikeslifehacks

Travel Packing Tips | how we roll

It’s all about fitting in as much as possible when you’re packing your bags.  If you can prevent wrinkles, then all the better.

Don’t fold your clothes – roll them!  Rolling your clothes will keep them neater and tidier, and you can fit more items into a smaller space.  Or be like me, and fit more items in!  What can I say, I like options!

Kimba Likes Life Hacks - travel packing tips #kimbalikeslifehacks

Travel Packing Tips | masking tape

OK, I’ve answered my own question.  I might have found something worse than cracked powder makeup.  It’s the horror of opening your suitcase or wash kit and finding your liquid products have leaked.

Solve this issue with the handy use of masking tape to seal lids and caps.  Don’t forget to pack the roll of masking tape for your return trip!

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  • retiringnotshy - 20 September 2015 - 12.56 am

    Great tips,love the first one. I have suffered that too many times. Thank you! I have used packing cubes this trip and found them fabulous – using them I always know where everything is and they add minimal weight.ReplyCancel

  • Beth - 18 September 2015 - 3.09 pm

    I wish I’d thought of tape when bringing an open tin of baby formula home from Vanuatu that came loose within my mother-in-law’s suitcase during our Brisbane stopover coinciding with a leaking shampoo bottle . . . necessitating a dash to the late-night chemist for more formula and some serious plastic bag action!ReplyCancel

  • Sonia from Sonia Styling - 17 September 2015 - 5.00 pm

    These are brilliant tips and ones I’ll be taking on board (pun intended!) when I start packing for Spain this weekend. I also like to use those extra large zip lock bags for putting rolled up delicate clothes in to give them extra protection. Plus I like to use those drawstring bags you get your online shopping orders in from some brands as laundry bags in my luggage.ReplyCancel

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