The Little Death | DVD review and giveaway

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After watching endless family movies in the school holidays, I was keen to watch something that, well, Boyo couldn’t!

Enter The Little Death.  An Australian movie written, directed and starring Josh Lawson.  Billed as a comedy, it is rated MA and is clever, hilarious and very sweet all at the same time.

The Little Death | DVD review and giveaway

The movie title The Little Death is taken from the French nickname for orgasm, le petite mort. It follows the lives, specifically the sex lives, of several couples.

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The Little Death | DVD review and giveaway

One couple, played by Josh Lawson and Bojana Novakovic deal with a rape fantasy – which had me laughing, cringing and crying.  There’s a slightly obvious conclusion but the scenes are played with such heart that it just works.

The Little Death | DVD review and giveaway

Another couple, played by (the lovely) Patrick Brammall and Kate Box, are trying to become pregnant without much success. Their doctor suggests that simultaneous orgasm can increase the chances of conception. Unfortunately, the woman is turned on by weeping.  Her poor husband is all I can say!

The Little Death | DVD review and giveaway

Damon Herriman and Kate Mulvaney play a couple whose marriage counsellor advises role playing – somewhat enthusiastically embraced by one half of the couple.  Dear gods.  I know Damon Herriman from Justified, where he plays Dewey Crowe, a hapless Southern redneck criminal. I have to admit I kept expecting him to break out in that accent!

The Little Death | DVD review and giveaway

Yet another couple, played by Alan Dukes and Lisa McCune, at a later stage of life, are dealing with the concept of familiarity breeding contempt.  I was again cringing and laughing when the husband goes to great lengths to fulfil his sexual desires.  He is turned on by sleep.  Many new parents could relate to this one.  But he’s turned on by watching his wife sleep.

Intertwined around these couples is a creepy new neighbour, who just happens to be a sex offender, played to perfection by Kim Gyngell and his homemade golliwog biscuits.

The Little Death | DVD review and giveaway

The final couple of the movie involves a deaf and mute man calling a video relay service to use a phone sex line.  This is far and and away the best sequence in the movie, and is poignant yet gut bustingly funny. TJ Power, Erin James and Genevieve Hegney play this slightly unusual menage a trois.

I felt that The Little Death is not afraid to explore uncomfortable topics, yet remains slightly coy in terms of nudie rudie scenes.  It’s quite refreshing, actually.  I’m certainly not prudish but I don’t need to see soft porn.  I get it.  I’ve got an imagination.

I adore movies who use an interlinking sequence theme.  Although this movie is a comedy, and is in fact hilarious, it has a dark side.  This is no more apparent than when it comes to the final scenes of the movie.  Beautifully concluded yet not tied up with a pretty bow.  Just how I like my movies.

I give The Little Death 4 stars out of 5.  It has a Love, Actually vibe for me.  A little naughtier and a lot sexier, but with the same charm and intertwined sequences.  If you love Offspring and Love My Way, then this is the movie for you!

The Little Death | DVD review and giveaway

The Little Death Giveaway

Released at the cinemas in September 2014, The Little Death was launched on DVD and Blu-Ray, as well as iTunes digital download to rent or own on  on 23 January 2015.

Lucky lucky you because I’ve got 15 copies to giveaway!

To be in the running to win a copy of this hilarious Australian dark comedy, simply leave me a comment, answering the following question.

What is the weirdest sexual fantasy you’ve ever heard of?

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