Lovebomb Theory | dealing with chronic illness

I’m talking about dealing with chronic illness today – and my Lovebomb Theory.

Firstly, I’m dealing with my health issues.  I’m not comfortable with being a sufferer – I’m a fighter.  I was recently introduced to the term “Endo Warrior”.  Not letting it beat me.  Attitude alone won’t fix it – but being positive won’t harm it either.

Dealing with chronic illness - Lovebomb Yourself #endowarrior #kimbalikes

I’m really struggling with my health at the moment.  I spoke recently about my endometriosis diagnosis.  It’s another tick on my long list of chronic illnesses.  So boring.

Having now seen one specialist, I’ve made an appointment with another specialist for a second opinion.  I’m not expecting a radically different set of options or outcome.  I just didn’t like the way the first specialist wasn’t interested in discussing it with me.  I felt dismissed and disempowered about my own body.  That’s not cool.

I had concerns about my mental health and how the options he presented to me could possibly affect this. I don’t expect my gynae endo specialist to be an expert in mental health, but I would like not to be treated as though I was mentally impaired for asking a reasonable question.

Lucky as I am to be able to pay for private doctors and care, I have more options and choice.  It’s costing me another $250 ish to get a second opinion … but I think I’m worth it!  I acknowledge that this is a privilege we’re able to pay for and I’m grateful for that.

Dealing with chronic illness - Lovebomb Yourself #endowarrior #kimbalikes

I don’t know about you but waiting is a difficult part of the process for me.  A difficult part of any process.  I’m not great at patience.  I’m a terrible patient too.

Whilst I’m waiting for my second specialist appointment to roll around, I’m doing everything I can to make my life a little easier.

  • I’m seeing the naturopath / dietician who helped me with my autoimmune disease many years ago
  • I’m increasing my gentle exercise – and easing right off it when my pain levels increase
  • I’ve consulted my GP and pharmacist about pain relief (difficult when you’re allergic to morphine and can’t take NSAIDs and most painkillers)
  • I’m employing good old fashioned pain relief – hot water bottles, wheatbags, warm showers, sleep
  • I’m being kind to myself – it’s all about the Kimba Likes Lovebomb Theory
  • I’m giving myself permission

I’m giving myself permission? What does that mean? It’s about acknowledging that I’m dealing with chronic illness.  That I can’t contribute or participate the way I want to and it’s Not My Fault.

I’m giving myself permission.  Permission to take a day off.  Permission to take a nap.  Permission to be kind to myself.  Permission to outsource.  The world won’t suffer if I don’t scrub my own toilets or buy my own groceries.  But I can choose what daily activities get my priority – and these are pretty low on the list.

I’m giving myself permission to know that I can’t do everything, be everything, to everyone.  Permission to say no.  Permission to say yes please.

Dealing with chronic illness - Lovebomb Yourself #endowarrior #kimbalikes

Kimba Likes Lovebomb Theory | dealing with chronic illness

I first read about “lovebombing” in an article about childrearing.  About taking a day to spend one-on-one with your child, saying YES to ice cream for lunch, and doing their favourite activities – whether it is riding a rollercoaster, playing games of 10 pin bowling, or just sitting together on a sofa and reading your books.

I applied it to my years of dealing with chronic illness.  In this context, to Lovebomb Yourself is to just take a day off and look after yourself.

As my PMDD and endo tend to be cyclical, I know that I have days in my month that are going to be more painful, more emotional.  Days that I’m less able to deal with day to day life and responsibilities.  In order to pick myself up and get going again, I schedule a Lovebomb Day.  It’s often followed by a Get Shiz Done Day.  That’s the power of a Lovebomb Day.

Here are some of my favourite Lovebomb Day activities:

  • take a day off – or an hour or two in a busy busy day
  • eat your favourite foods – not too many naughty treats though!
  • read a book
  • watch a movie
  • sit in the sunshine
  • have a Nanna Napette
  • do something pretty for yourself – mani, pedi, massage, facial …
  • buy a bunch of flowers or a new lipstick or a magazine
  • potter in my garden
  • watch a movie
  • go for a walk
  • play a game
  • pat the Bunny Bros
  • binge watch Netflix
  • coffee with a friend
  • sofa snuggles with the Blokefolk

Do you think a Lovebomb Day (or even an hour or so) would help you? Are you a fellow Endo Warrior? Dealing with chronic illness too?

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  • Lauren Roney - 12 August 2015 - 1.43 pm

    Love the Lovebomb theory!!!! I dont have endometriosis but I have POCS and a few other yucky girlie problems and have depression and anxiety. I think I will subscribe to a little bit of the permission to give myself a break idea!!ReplyCancel

  • Sonia from Sonia Styling - 11 August 2015 - 4.52 pm

    I adore your Lovebomb Theory and I think everyone could benefit from it. xReplyCancel

  • Lisa Mckenzie - 11 August 2015 - 2.01 pm

    I understand Kimba that’s how I deal with chronic illness as well I’ve never called them love bomb days but I will from now on I usually have one busy day (for me) and then a gentler kinder to me day the next day,it’s the only way I can deal with the pain,I’ve just had a follow up MRI done on my neck to see when I will be having surgery and I’m unhapppy with the results I now have an extra tear in one of my discs and my nerve impingement is much worse than 12 months ago,so I totally get you I’m angry with my body!
    I wish you good luck at your second opinion Kim-Marie,my Gyno was really nice and supportive I hope your next one is too and nan naps are part of my life now XxReplyCancel

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