Makeup Tips for Loose Powder

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More tips, tricks and life hacks? OK, then.  Let’s go!  All about makeup tips for loose powder this week, and in order, if you please!

I didn’t wear powder makeup for years, as I was worried about making my skin look older.  Doh!  As I’ve aged, makeup technology has improved, and now I wear powders that actually make me look younger.  I know right?!

Kimba Likes Thursday Tips, Tricks & Life Hacks - find more at #lifehacks #makeuptips

Tips, Tricks and Life Hacks | tap the bottom

Loose powder is a great product for setting your makeup and giving your skin a polished look.  But it’s not the tidiest of products.  I used to shake it with the lid off to get product to put on my brush, and promptly lost quite a lot of it all over my bathroom.

The easiest peasiest lemon squeeziest of makeup tricks for loose powder is to turn your loose powder jar upside down, tap the bottom to dispense powder into the lid without mess.  More importantly, without waste!

Unscrew the lid whilst still upside down and you’ll find the perfect place to load your powder brush.

Kimba Likes Thursday Tips, Tricks & Life Hacks - find more at #lifehacks #makeuptips

Tips, Tricks and Life Hacks | load your brush

Now that your powder has been dispensed, load your powder brush.  All the advice says to tap the excess off your brush so you don’t transfer too much powder to your skin.

But one of the makeup tips for loose powder I learnt from my NARS Master Class is to push the powder into the brush rather than waste it by tapping the excess off.  Swirl the brush into the powder and then push it against the lid, then push against the palm of your hand to work the powder into the bristles.

It distributes the powder more evenly through the brush which makes for better and smoother application.

Kimba Likes Thursday Tips, Tricks & Life Hacks - find more at #lifehacks #makeuptips

Tips, Tricks and Life Hacks | press the flesh

Once you’ve applied your powder and buffed it into your skin, press the flesh!  Yep, press the palms of your hands onto your face.  The warmth and pressure of your hands really melds the powder into the foundation and your skin, for a more natural look.

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Have you got more makeup tips for loose powder?  Got one you’d love to share with the Kimba Likes community of gorgeous girls?

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  • Flat bum mum - 27 July 2015 - 2.39 pm

    You have reminded me I need to stock up on powder. Running very low!! I use the same technique for the old loose powder. Bron xReplyCancel

  • Cheryl - 23 July 2015 - 8.49 am

    I love that tip about pressing the powder with your hands, Kimba. I love powder but sometimes I check my face in the mirror afterwards and I look like I’ve walked through a dust storm! NOT attractive!


    • Kim-Marie Williams - 24 July 2015 - 8.06 pm

      Aha! Another tip is to always work your powder from the centre out, and down not up (or you will raise the facial hair – not what we ladies want!) xxReplyCancel

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