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You may have noticed that I’m rather fond of tips, tricks and life hacks.  This week, I’m sharing three awesomesauce mascara tips and tricks.  So be prepared to flutter those luscious lashes like you never have before!

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Kimba Likes Thursday Tips, Tricks & Life Hacks - find more at #lifehacks #makeuptips

Thursday Tips, Tricks and Life Hacks | recycle mascara wands

You know how there is always a new mascara on the market? The formulations get regular overhauls, but the biggest R&D budget for mascara? Goes into brush development.  True story.

So if you find a mascara you love, buy it in bulk.  Because we need to replace mascara so frequently for eye safety, it is always a good idea to have a spare one or three on hand.

Once it’s time to replace that tube of mascara you love, save the wand.  Clean it – just a little soap and water, or a little brush cleaner, should do the trick.  Use it with other mascaras with great formulations whose wands are just a bit shit.

There are loads of other mascara tips and tricks for mascara wands.  Eyebrow spoolies, perfectly mussing up braids for that boho lived in look, emergency nail brush, lip exfoliator, jewellery cleaner for fiddly bits …

Kimba Likes Thursday Tips, Tricks & Life Hacks - find more at #lifehacks #makeuptips

Thursday Tips, Tricks and Life Hacks | warm your mascara

Now for mascara tips and tricks so simple that you will either think “doh, I already do that!” or “that is genius and I can’t believe it never occurred to me”.

A warm mascara is a happy mascara.  Warming your mascara first gives you a smoother, less prone to clumping application experience.

The best way to do this quickly and easily? Pop it in your bra.  Yeah baby.  Use your cleavage for good, not evil.  Alternatively, you could pop it into a glass with a little hot water.

As spider legs aren’t really a fab look*, a smoother mascara application is a good idea.

* except for Halloween, obvs

Kimba Likes Thursday Tips, Tricks & Life Hacks - find more at #lifehacks #makeuptips

Thursday Tips, Tricks and Life Hacks | emergency gel liner

Halfway through your makeup application and realise you’ve run out of gel liner? Easy peasy lemon squeezy.  Just grab your eyeliner brush – I prefer a small angled brush – and run it along your mascara wand.  The section of wand underneath the bristles? It’s the perfect place to pick up a little extra mascara.

Then just apply to your eyes for the perfect gel liner as per usual.

Want thicker lashes? Use the same technique and tightline your lashes.  What the? Just lean forward over your mirror, look up and run the angled brush at the very base of your upper lashes on the inside of your eyelid.  Et voila! Instantly thicker lashes.

Mascara tips and tricks to make life easier and your lashes more luscious? You’re welcome!

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Any of these mascara tips and tricks take your fancy? Got one you’d love to share with the Kimba Likes community of gorgeous girls?

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