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As a girl who has hit the Big Four Oh My Gods and celebrated our eleventh wedding anniversary this year, it’s been a while since I’ve had to Meet the Parents. I still remember the stomach-churning nervousness though and the utter conviction that I had to make the best possible impression. Life or death scenario! At least that’s what it felt like at the time.

A few things are a given in any Meet the Parents situation – you want them to like you. You want them to think you are a suitable person to bear the next generation of their family (you might not be thinking this at the time, but I guarantee his mum is!).  You want to look pretty but not boring, well groomed but not overdone and fashionable but not, I repeat not, what his parents may consider to be inappropriate (read tarty).  Now is not the time for peekaboo bra straps, denim underpants cutoffs, sky high heels you can almost walk in or slogan tees – you know the ones.

There is one magic garment than can achieve all these things – a dress! I’m a big fan of dresses – there is no need to mix and match and coordinate. All the hard work is done for you. You automatically look like you’ve made an effort when you haven’t, which is a definite plus. Not to mention one of my life mantras.

As I wanted to style this outfit with a young woman’s budget in mind, Target was my obvious choice. I wanted something demure and pretty but with a twist and I found this beautiful fit and flare dress in pretty Teaberry. It’s not too formal but could easily be dressed up. It’s got a hint of retro in a very pretty colour, the boyf will love you for making such a stellar effort, Dad will appreciate the girliness, and Mum will approve too. Perfect!

Add a quirky cute cardigan, some comfortable yet cute sandals, a pair of pretty floral earrings and a colour pop tote, and express your personality with coordinating yet clashing tones of coral, peach and pink, anchored by the black band of the cardigan and the shoes.  The cropped cardigan is cut perfectly to sit just on your waist, with the contrasting knitted waistband creating a visual illusion of drawing your waist in.


Shop the Style

Ladies Laser Cut Fit & Flare Dress in Teaberry | $49 | so versatile | click here to purchase

Hot Options Zebra Print Cardigan | $39 | love the quirky zebra print | click here to purchase

Hot Options Oversized Slouchy Multi Way Bag in Coral | $40 | a classic bag with a colour pop twist | click here to purchase

Magnolia Wedge Sandals in Black | $35 | comfortable and walkable | click here to purchase

Green Flower Design earrings | $10 | oh so feminine and retro cute | click here to purchase (sorry, these are now out of stock – Editor)

Maybelline Color Show Nail Colour in Chiffon Chic and Keep Up the Flame | $5.95| love a coordinating yet not matchy matchy mani-pedi | click here and here to purchase

Total outfit is under $175 head to toe


There you have it – the perfect outfit in which to meet the parents. You’re stylish yet comfortable, wearing an pretty dress, cute walkable shoes, sweet accessories and a quirky cardigan to add a splash of fun!

Now, off you go and make a first impression so fabulous his parents will be urging him to make an honest woman out of you!


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