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Mindful Living Bionade


Mindful Living | The Project

I started exploring and investigating ways to live my life more mindfully in 2012, when my specialist gave me the official all clear.  The auto immune disease that had controlled my life with chronic illness was officially in remission!  The after effects of having lived with chronic pain and constant illness for many years don’t disappear overnight, so it is even more important that I continue to live as healthily as I can.

My health and pain levels improved markedly when I was on an extremely restrictive diet – gluten free, dairy free, sulphite free, sugar free … et al.  Unfortunately, whilst it wasn’t actually taste free, it certainly was fun free.  My life revolved around planning and preparing food for fuel, rather than for fun, pleasure and entertainment.

I wanted to live a healthy life but I wanted to enjoy the process of eating and drinking too.  From this mindset, my Mindful Living project was born.

It is a project that involves looking at living my life, but with a more mindful approach.  With more thought and attention to what I was putting into my body and what I was putting my body through.


Mindful Living Bionade


Bionade | Mindful Living

However, because I’m only human and I crave treats, it hasn’t been easy.  Especially over the festive party season and the hot, hot summer.  I have to admit that I’ve had trouble resisting ice cream, chocolate, Champagne, cocktails and my bete noire, fizzy drinks.

That is until Bionade (pronounced Bee-oh-nah-day) came into my life when I was lucky enough to receive some samples for trial and review.  A range of organic non-alcoholic refreshment drinks in four delicious flavours, they are produced in a unique manner involving the fermentation of natural raw materials.  This stuff is the bomb!

  • 100% organic in materials and production
  • Low sugar, low calories
  • Brewed like beer but non-alcoholic, using the same purity laws as German beer brewing.
  • No colours.  No preservatives.  No artificial flavours.
  • Gluten free
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians


Bionade Healthy Living


Bionade | The Experiment

I’ve spent the summer experimenting with Bionade.  For a school Christmas function, I packed a couple and drank them from the bottle, like the beer drinkers around me.  Talk about being a walking billboard!  The interest generated in Bionade was huge – and thought provoking.  Hangovers and drinking too much are almost expected at this time of year. Not for me!

At a Christmas barbecue with friends, I refilled my empty Mojito glass with Bionade when I decided I had had enough alcohol for the evening.  A decision a few of my friends wish they’d taken too, judging by the rate of caffeine being consumed the following morning!

Over the festive season, the Bionade bottles were my new BFF.  They were not only my fizzy drink replacement but my alcohol replacement.  I have committed to reducing my alcohol consumption during the summer season.  The combination of alcohol, a known inflammatory, with high humidity and heat creates swollen joints and pain that can easily be avoided.

Drinking too much sugar, another known inflammatory, is also not terribly good for my joints and pain levels, so replacing alcohol with soft drinks isn’t a great idea.  Water is vital for a healthy life … but hardly exciting or packed with flavour!  This where Bionade became my summer saviour – a yummy flavour with natural low sugar ingredients.  Perfect!


Bionade Mindful Living


Bionade | The Flavours

The four delicious flavours aren’t sweet and sugary like typical soft drinks, but they are refreshingly different.

Elderberry – distinctively fruity with a European twist

Ginger and Orange – spicy and fruity combined for a zesty flavour burst

Herbs – my favourite flavour, combining various herbs in a tangy crisp sensation

Lychee – a lemony lightly fruity tastebud delight, probably the most kid friendly flavour


Bionade Mocktail


Bionade | Cocktails and Mocktails

Bionade is delicious served straight from the bottle, or poured over ice in a tall glass, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to create the Kimba Likes Bionade Cocktail.  As you do.

  1. Chop limes into quarters and muddle.  Make individual mocktails in a glass or prepare in a jug to share
  2. Crush some fresh mint by rolling between your palms and add to the limes
  3. Add a quantity of ice cubes – you can freeze them with rosemary sprigs in them for extra prettiness and flavour
  4. Top up with the Bionade flavour of your choice.  I prefer Herbs but the other flavours work equally well.  Herbs and Lychee combine beautifully.  For the cocktail version, add alcohol of your choosing.  I’ve been making mine with tequila

Serve garnished with a sprig of mint.  Enjoy!  Now that is the taste of summer!


Bionade | The Verdict

What can I say?  I loved being a Bionade guinea pig, and am delighted to have created some buzz about a natural soft drink (and alcohol) alternative.

The flavours do take some getting used to but I find them refreshingly different and absolutely delicious.  I will definitely be repurchasing Bionade.

As part of the Kimba Likes Keeping It Real Policy, I decide whether to work with brands and companies based on my own opinion and whether I would repurchase the product with my own money.

I am a huge fan and Bionade is now part of my summer ritual.  If you are interested in reducing your sugar intake (perhaps your alcohol intake too), along with reducing the amount of artificial flavours and colours in your diet, then give the refreshingly different Bionade a go!


Bionade | The Giveaway

This is my first giveaway for 2014 and I’m thrilled!  I love being able to share fabulous brands and products with the lovely people who make up the Kimba Likes community.

Please fill out the entry form, and leave me a comment telling me which flavour appeals to you the most, and why.  Open to Australian residents only.

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  • Bottle image by Bionade Australia

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