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In the Kimba Likes household, we have a spender and a saver and the most over leveraged 9 year old you’ve ever met! He is quite fond of a pocket money advance or three!

Funnily enough, if you guessed that I was the spender then you’d be 100% right.  The Welshman is obviously the saver.  He’s also our planner.  He plans our holidays months in advance – not only do we have something to look forward to as a family, we also know we are able to afford the holiday as we pay for portions in advance and save the rest over time.  He is a goal setter – and I would love to be one too.

We have family goals like holidays, home decor updates and renovations, and eventually we’re going to need a new car or two.  Plus school fees might be in our future – we’re still figuring out this whole high school thing that is going to pop up sooner rather than later!

Through Nuffnang Product Talk, I was introduced to what just might be my saviour, the app platform that might help me take control of my burgeoning business ideas by helping me set financial and business goals – My Prosperity.

I think My Prosperity will fit in beautifully with my new Mindful Living approach.  Being aware of where my money goes, how it disappears and what I need to do to save more of it to move towards goals I’ve set myself epitomises Mindful Living perfectly!


All about it

My Prosperity is a fabulous new platform to help manage personal or family finances, to help you organise and analyse your life by getting your finance under control.

  • Take control of your money – so you can do more of the things you love
  • Stay on track and achieve goals – myProsperity does the hard work for you
  • Take control of the chaos – a free and clever way to manage your money online


How it works

  • All in one place – Securely link your bank accounts, credit cards, loans, super, shares, property, car … et al.
  • Get in control – See where your money’s going with auto-classification of spending, easy budgets and clear goals
  • Save money – Save money on products and services you use, to do more of the things you care about



Just some of the things you can do with My Prosperity

  • Personalised suggestions to improve your financial situation
  • Everything (all your assets & liabilities) in one place
  • Link bank accounts, credit cards, loans & super
  • Get a valuation on your home
  • Get a valuation on your car
  • Automatically updated data feeds to track networth
  • Auto categorisation of bank transactions
  • Easy to do tax returns – tax returns done in minutes
  • No more spreadsheets – instant budget
  • Set & track goals to get there quicker
  • Ways to save money
  • Upload documents (receipts, your will, contracts, etc)
  • Build your financial A team by inviting guests
  • Communicate with your team with notifications
  • Cut out paperwork – forms completed for you
  • Savings goal, automatically track progress
  • Score / preferences – it’s all about you
  • Tag, filter and create reports
  • Insurance automatically categorised



Of course, the first question I had was about the security of my information.  No need to worry.  My Prosperity uses the same bank level security used by over 600 financial institutions internationally.  Yodlee, Verisign and McAfee provide additional security and reassurance.  A “read only” service, My Prosperity means that your information is completely safe.  You can’t transfer funds or pay bills – that’s not the point of My Prosperity.  So if you can’t do it, neither can anyone else.


How I use My Prosperity

I’ve got plans for Kimba Likes.  Big plans.  Whilst I know that I need to make an investment in myself in order to move forward with my business development, I also feel I need to make enough money to pay for that investment.  It’s a vicious circle, isn’t it!  One of the goals I’ve set myself is to pay for a business blog development course with Jane Copeland, the Fairy Blogmother of Coping with Jane fame.  It’s only $500.  But I want to pay for it myself.  I want to earn the money to pay for it.

So I spent about 10-15 minutes popping in some basic information and setting up my account on My Prosperity, and set myself some goals.  The first one was the Jane Copeland course.

The others?  Well, hopefully you’ll find about them soon!


If you’re interested in an app-based way of seeing your goals, finances and budgets set out before you in a fabulously interactive fashion, fully customisable, and able to be accessed from your laptop, desktop or iDevice, then I recommend you do yourself a favour and check out My Prosperity!


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