My quirky home decor

Kimba Likes my quirky home decor #kimbalikesYou might know that I’m a fan of quirky.  Love some retro cute kitsch, whimsical charm, vintage gorgeousness and upcycled loveliness.

Luckily, the Blokefolk are totes down with this and love our quirky home decor as much as I do!  There’s pops of colour, homage to the past, and cheap and cheerful chainstore chic, combined with quality investment pieces of furniture that just get better with age.

Kimba Likes my quirky home decor #kimbalikes

We live in a modern terrace in Inner West Sydney.  It’s open plan downstairs, divided into zones.  Lounge, dining and the zone we call Boyo World!  There’s a line of vintage prettiness with my rescued vintage Singer sewing cabinet – look at my Great Great Grandmother’s baking bits and pieces!

On the other side, is Boyo’s Chillax Sofa, desk, bookcase and pinball table.  Minecraft, zombies, Typo cushions, gaming.  It’s tween heaven!

Kimba Likes my quirky home decor #kimbalikes

It’s probably not how I would have decorated the house, but hey, he lives here too. I would much rather have a happy tween who wants to hang out with us so it’s totes worth it!  Plus, I’ve managed to sneak in this rather lovely arm chair and some Kimba retro cute in the form of my Great Gran’s crocheted blanket.

Kimba Likes my quirky home decor #kimbalikes

Moving into the dining room, is a piece we bought together when we bought our house.  A gorgeous oak buffet.  It matches the 8 seater dining table and traditional wooden chairs.

The quirky details feature a Supertrooper Studio linen teatowel framed as a print.  My Just Like Martha vintage plate stand holds retro cute cutesey porcelain and china figurines. Lots of bunnies, obvs!  Darling little brown bunnies from my Great Gran, and an egg cup the Welshman’s Granddad brought back from WWII.  A collection of shells housed in pottery shell-shaped dishes, handmade in New Zealand.

Kimba Likes my quirky home decor #kimbalikes

As a girl who works from home, I had a few options when it came to my working space.  I could head upstairs to the large spare room, but I didn’t like being away from the action!  It was also important to have the laptop centrally located so we can supervise Boyo.

So the solution was to set up my desk as a sofa table.  I have a beautiful marble-topped Singer table which serves the purpose beautifully.

The tea trolley that my Great Granddad made for my mother when she married is the perfect spot to keep essentials close to hand, as well as provide inspiration with the pretty. A Kmart shadow box makes the prettiest stationery storage ever.

Kimba Likes my quirky home decor #kimbalikes

My printer is tucked into a corner, with an upcycled rescued table.  Coordinating beautifully with my repurposed Kmart wire basket lamp table and Luminoso lamp.  The London print was $8 from Spotlight, and the Hola print a mere $5 from Kmart.

A wicker basket holds all the charging cables, and printer paper.

Kimba Likes my quirky home decor #kimbalikes

More upcycling awesomeness with my Queen Anne-legged occasional table.  It was a very ugly faux mahogany but 20 minutes and half a can of spray paint later? Retro cute awesomeness!

Kimba Likes my quirky home decor #kimbalikes

The Lady Sofa is a gorgeous mustard & aubergine modern chaise longue, and the cushions are quirkily adorable.

Kimba Likes my quirky home decor #kimbalikes

It’s all about candles, and plate stands, and bunnies.  A little Kiwiana and some Union Jack love.

house 9

A bamboo tray protects the glory box my Great Granddad made for my mother, and makes a lovely quirky side table solution.

More Kmart love.  Yep, much love for my LOVE ornament.  The little metal container? Perfect for candles but we pop our remotes into it.  Meaning we only lose them about 50% of the time, because I’m the only one who ever uses it!

We have a leather ottoman instead of a coffee table.  It is stable enough to hold a tray, can butt up against the sofas to make a corner chaise, makes a great footstool, and can be pressed into service as extra seating.

Pretty cardboard storage boxes turn the bottom shelf of a large wooden bookcase into my office filing – with quirky cute!

Kimba Likes my quirky home decor #kimbalikes

The quirky cushion love extends to the master bedroom.  Of course, like 99.95% of husbands, the Welshman doesn’t see the point of cushions and pillows, apart from one to sleep on and one to pop behind your back to read in bed.

If he goes to bed before me, I find the cushions tidily lined up on my side of the bed.  He’s good like that. I’m willing to suffer for the pretty though.

Kimba Likes my quirky home decor #kimbalikes

My outdoor table decor looks just as pretty on an inside table, don’t you think?

Have you got more cushions than you need in your house? Still need more? Me too!

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