My Upcycled Tropage Garden

I absolutely love my tropical cottage garden with quirky decor, rescued from council cleanups over the years.  I’m sharing some of my latest finds, which I’ve upcycled and styled.  My upcycled tropage garden is a place of calm and sanctuary and satisfaction of a job well done.

Unfortunately, every time I move something in the garden, the bunnies go into a little bit of a territory marking frenzy and run around “chinning” everything – marking it with their scent.   This territory marking also includes little piles of poo around borders.  A lot of sweeping occurs whenever I get the urge to reorganise the garden!

From the side of the road, council cleanups and markets and garage sales, I’ve rescued and saved some treasures.  An old pallet makes a fabulous garden shelf.  An occasional table works beautifully as a plant rack.  An easel has been repurposed as a plant holder, featuring succulents and Chinese star jasmine.  Rescued frames add interest to walls and can have plants like Chinese star jasmine trained through them.

The lovely Faux Fuchsia coined the term “tropage” for my tropical cottage garden when I shared some photos on Instagram.  I immediately added it to the Kimba Likes Lexicon!

One man’s trash is another woman’s treasure.  Reduce, reuse, recycle is a great way to create an eclectic, vintage and welcoming garden space.  Guaranteed to be unique too!

Would you decorate with an old pallet?  Have you rescued some treasures from the side of the road? Do share!


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