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Kimba Likes my week in photos

Oops, here’s my last two weeks in photos.  Last week did me no favours!

Now that everything has settled down after my endometriosis operation late last year, I am no longer experiencing PMDD.  Nope, not at all.  Not even PMS.  I get a little boob tenderness and feel a bit weepy once a month.

I had to go on an antidepressant to deal with the PMDD a few years ago.  Now, there’s no need to be on it and I’ve commenced ceasing taking it.

Unfortunately, coming off the antidepressant is rather the ordeal.  I’m anxious, having trouble sleeping, and I’m lethargic, dizzy, having weird dreams and an odd sort of zapping sensation headache.  I’ve got to be honest and say that I’m struggling a little bit.

For three weeks, I will be having my current dose one day, and half the dose the next day.  Then for a few more weeks, I’ll be taking the half dose every day.

The next step is to go cold turkey. I need to schedule a week in which to get this shit done.  It is not going to be fun but it is going to be worth it!

Because I’m all about keeping it real, I’m sharing my story with you. I also wanted to let you know why I might be a bit quiet for a short period of time.  It was a decision that I didn’t make lightly but it is the right decision for me, and my family.

Now, let’s go and check out some of my favourite moments from the last fortnight for my week in photos.

Kimba Likes my week in photos | Business Mamas study

my week in photos | Business Mamas study

You can tell when you’re a beauty blogger when you substitute bobby pins for paper clips!

I scheduled some time to complete an assessment for my Business Mamas Diploma of Business course.  I usually get an hour or two here and there, so it was a real treat to spend a few hours on Saturday and most of Sunday just being a Business Mama lady boss!

Kimba Likes my week in photos | lamb risotto dinner FTW

my week in photos | roast lamb risotto

This is pretty much most of my favourite foods on one plate.  Roast lamb and pea & mushroom risotto.  YUM!

Kimba Likes my week in photos | gorgeous Boyo and the sweet little Mini Guineas

my week in photos | the Mini Guineas

One cute Boyo and two super cute Mini Guineas.  Oh my heart!

I might be a bit biased, but seriously, how gorgeous is he? He looks a little like me, but mostly like his rather handsome father.

Kimba Likes my week in photos | wine time!

my week in photos | wine time

Fresh shiny SNS nails. Karen Walker wine glass.  Some excellent Chateau de Cardboard.  Geoden by Mark Cawood of Publisher Textiles wall panel.  I’m feeling it.

Kimba Likes my week in photos | fresh new hair

my week in photos | I am Kimba

Fresh from the hair salon and feeling feisty. I am Kimba.

This is the message I shared on Instagram last week when I discovered some rather nasty personal attacks on a nasty website.  I noticed an unusual search term in my stats dashboard, and stupidly decided to investigate further.

I’ve visited this nasty snark site before, on behalf of friends who had seen similar things in their dashboards.  I got such a shock last year when I discovered I was the subject there too.  When I was in recovery mode after my operation, I decided to leave a message.  In case anyone I knew came across it, I wanted them to read my words.

I’m all for constructive criticism, but I’m not into personal attacks.  Do not talk about people’s children. Do not pass judgment on anyone’s health and life based on what you can see on Instagram.  Smiling for one photo doesn’t give you anywhere near the whole picture.  Don’t be a dick and use people’s age and weight as insults.  Seriously? Not even school kids stoop to that level.

I’m not interested in responding further to a bunch of sad little losers.

Kimba. 42. Wife. Mama. Crazy bunny lady. Blogger. Student. Latte lover. Feminist. Inbetweenie. Unapologetic. Most of all, strong independent woman. I’ve been wearing that label proudly for more than 20 years. I’ve got a shitload more life experience and wrinkles to match. My life is full and so is my figure. I’ve got a big heart and an arse to match. I’ve got a tonne of fucks to give but not to people who don’t deserve it. I value myself too highly to accept anything less. I’m not going anywhere. Don’t like it? I don’t care. Don’t like me? Cool. I also don’t care. Stick and stones may break bones but personal attacks just make you look stupid. Peace out.

Kimba Likes my week in photos | the ultimate Oprah quote for International Womens Day

my week in photos | International Womens Day

Thanks Oprah.  #micdrop

Kimba Likes my week in photos | wearing Ruby & Lilli, Seed and Witchery

my week in photos | shorts

Wearing my favourite Ruby & Lilli AW16 T shirt with Seed ocelot print tap shorts, and my new favourite leopard loafers from Witchery.

Contrary to popular belief, you’re never too old to wear shorts. You can be too cold – but not too old.

Kimba Likes my week in photos | wearing new season Boom Shankar

my week in photos | Boom Shankar

I absolutely love Boom Shankar so I was thrilled when they asked me to collaborate with their latest winter collection. Isn’t this jacket just gorgeous?  Follow them on Instagram for sneak peeks behind the scenes.

Kimba Likes my week in photos | wearing Ertswilder brooch as hair clip

my week in photos | Erstwilder

How cute is Mr P Patterson, my platypus Erstwilder brooch? I’m wearing him in my hair because why not?

I adore Erstwilder – in fact, I’m an official Erstwilder Fan Girl.

Kimba Likes my week in photos | Round She Goes March 2016

my week in photos | Round She Goes Sydney

Oh, I had the best time at Round She Goes! I made a decent sum of money, some new friends and sweated buckets.  Dear gods, was it hot!

You should totally come next time – it rocks!

Kimba Likes my week in photos | Deer Arrow brooch

I also discovered Deer Arrow at Round She Goes.  I just couldn’t resist treating myself to this sweet little Disneyland castle snowglobe, to remind myself of the fabulous Big Four Oh My Gods holiday we had in LA.  Boyo really wanted to take his mama to Disneyland and his mama was equally keen to go!

Kimba Likes my week in photos | wearing Country Road dress and Dion Lee for Target skater kicks

my week in photos | new favourite frock

Bought myself this fab new (to me) Country Road frock at Round She Goes from a lovely new friend. My favourite colours in one frock, plus a rose gold zip.

Kimba Likes my week in photos | nailed it

Totes tzjushed my nails to match my frock. As you do!

I am

reading – the weekend papers, because I didn’t get time in the actual weekend

watching – House of Cards.  Obvs.  Also really enjoying Grantchester and Unforgotten.

writing – my business plan for my Business Mamas Diploma of Business study

making – my ensuite into a dressing room. We don’t use the ensuite shower and now it is my second wardrobe!

wishing – that the weather would reflect the date. I want to wear my new autumn clothes!

loving – my new life post operation. Cannot believe the change!

wondering – what to buy Boyo for his 12th birthday

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