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Natural Day Makeup Look
I’ve teamed up with Carmex for autumn as an Official Carmex Blogger.  I’ve brought you Carmex Lip Perfection tips for smooth lips and Carmex Moisture Plus Autumn Shades.  Now I’m bringing you my tips on perfecting a natural day makeup look with Carmex.

A natural day makeup look is about looking naturally pretty.  It is about enhancing your natural features, starting from the skin out with deep moisturising benefits.  Looking the best you can, as quickly as you can!

The key features of a natural day makeup look are

  • Fresh glowing skin
  • Defined brows
  • Luscious lids and lashes
  • Contoured colour
  • Perfect pout

Here’s my step my step guide to achieving these steps for the natural day makeup look.


Natural Day Makeup Look

Natural Day Makeup Look | Fresh Glowing Skin

Start with a good quality SPF daily moisturiser for your face and eye area and your Carmex lip balm.  Applying these skincare products a good 10-15 minutes before applying your makeup will allow the skincare to fully absorb and plump up your skin and lips.

Choose an all in one product like a BB cream, which will give you more bang for your buck – and save face time.  Press it into your skin with your hands, which will warm the product and allow it apply beautifully.  Use a buffing brush to work the product into your skin for an airbrushed finish.

A little brightening concealer applied around the eye area will reflect any dark shadows and make you look instantly younger.  Pat it over your eyelid too – it’s a great eyeshadow primer.

A light dusting of powder – whether a setting powder or a mineral foundation powder – helps your makeup to last all day for a gorgeous natural day makeup look.


Natural Day Makeup Look

Natural Day Makeup Look | Defined Brows

A well groomed brow is an essential part of your natural day makeup look.  Starting with a well shaped brow that suits your face shape is half the battle won for looking your best.

The really quick way is just to use a spooly brush (an old clean mascara wand does the trick too) to brush your brows into shape.  You can use a variety of brow products like a pencil, powder, wax, creme or tinted brow mascara to fill in any gaps and add a touch of colour.  Alternatively, a clear mascara does the trick to hold  your brows in place all day.

I’ll let you know a little secret – a little Carmex Moisture Plus Clear Gloss lip balm patted onto my brows helps keep them in place and groomed all day long.


Natural Day Makeup Look

 Natural Day Makeup Look | Luscious Lids and Lashes

If I could choose just one eyeshadow, it would be a universally flattering bronzey taupe.  It is just so versatile and perfectly suited for a natural day makeup look.  You look like you’ve made an effort but look fresh and pretty, not overly made up for the day.

For a natural day makeup look, apply a wash of bronzey taupe shadow over your lid with an eyeshadow brush.  Pop a little more into the lid crease for a defined look.

Next, take a tapered shader brush and apply the bronzey taupe shadow along the upper lash line as an eyeliner.  Concentrate a little more on the outer corner of the eyes.

If you like to line your lower lid, use the flat side of the shader brush and pat a teensy amount of the bronzey taupe shadow along the lower rim, above your lashes.  The bronzey taupe will make your eyes sparkle like you wouldn’t believe.

Finish the natural day look with two coats of mascara.  A long fluttery lash is perfect for the natural day makeup look.  Follow my easy five step guide on how to apply mascara.


Natural Day Makeup Look

Natural Day Makeup Look | Contoured Colour

A pretty flush of colour on your cheeks is perfect for a natural day look. Using a blush brush, pat a little blush on the top of your cheekbones, near your ears.  Feel with your fingers to find the right spot.  A pretty peachy pink is beautiful for a natural day makeup look.  You might be surprised to find that an orange blush – yes, really – is universally flattering and lifts your look.

A little bronzer swept in a 3 shape from temples, under cheekbones and along jawline is the easy peasy lemon squeezy way to add some contouring to your natural day makeup look.

Pat a little luminising highlighter on the top of the cheekbones, just above the blush, and along the bridge of your nose, to make you look lit from within.  A little more patted in the inner corner of the eyes, under the browbone and above the cupid’s bow takes mere seconds and makes you look naturally pretty.


Natural Day Makeup Look

Natural Day Makeup Look | Perfect Pout

Of course, the final step in achieving a natural day makeup look is the perfect pout.  Keeping your lips moisturised and smooth by following these tips is an essential part of your beauty regime.  Plus it makes your lip colour look better and last longer during the day.

Apply Carmex Moisturising Lip Balm Click Stick for a gorgeous nude look.  Let the natural beauty of your lips speak for themselves.

If you like a little colour on your lips, then I’ve got the perfect product for a natural day makeup look.  My Carmex Moisture Plus lip balms in Peach and Pink are my go to shades during the day.  I top up with Carmex Moisture Plus Clear when I want to add a little more gloss and shine for long lasting moisture without depositing more colour.

This entire natural day makeup look can be done in around 5 minutes.  You might need a little practice if you’re not used to using eyeshadow brushes, but trust me, it won’t take long to get up to speed!

Of course, one of the best things about my Carmex Moisture Plus lip balms is that if I’m running a little bit late, I can apply my lip colour as I’m rushing down the street!


I’ve really enjoyed being an Official Carmex Blogger, sharing my tips on how to perfect soft and smooth moisturised lips.  I love the heritage qualities, the famous Carmex tingle and the fact that Carmex does not test on animals.



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I am an Official Carmex Blogger and proud to be so. I received payment for this post but my opinions cannot be bought.

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