New Year Same Me

New year same me

Kimba Likes New Year Resolution

my New Year Resolution – this one’s easy!

Yeah, yeah I know it’s February and a bit late for New Year Resolutions.  You know, the ones that are all about new year new you.  Green juices, dawn yoga, no sugar, meditation … for about two weeks until it all seems too hard.

But I say hell no to that.  New year same me.  I’ve put a lot of time and effort into me and I’m not ditching it all every year.  I just want to keep working on me.  Cheesy quote alert – to be the best me I can be.

Coming off the end of a bit of a tricky year health wise, it is important for me to focus on recovery. Emotionally, physically and mentally.

Inspired by Sonia Styling’s Three for Me, I’m identifying three ways that I can improve myself this year.  Make sure you check it out.  Sonia’s post encouraged me to press publish on this draft post – it takes strength to admit you’re not as strong as everyone thinks you are.  Plus she has an awesome fitness tracker giveaway with BUPA!

My word of the year is Kia Kaha.  A Māori phrase meaning stay strong.  I need a little bit of help to be stronger emotionally, physically and mentally.

Part of being stronger is that I’ve realised I can’t do it all myself.  I’m sharing how I am planning on embodying the spirit of Kia Kaha with my Three for Me plan.

my word of 2017

New Year Same Me | emotional strength

  • making time for personal down time; time to just be me and enjoy Kimba Likes Daily Treats me time moments
  • spending more time with my girlfriends; girl time is so important
  • family time without screens; we all multiscreen at the same time (especially Boyo and me!) and we need more in your face time and less FaceTime
  • my goal is to read 50 books this year, and not just 10 minutes before bed time; I’m talking make a cup of tea, find a comfy spot and read during the day

Kimba likes ghd V Opal

New Year Same Me | physical strength

  • doing my physio-set daily exercise routine; with a focus on regaining strength
  • walking 5000 – 7500 steps every day; or as close as I can manage it.  I’d like to increase this but I’m realistic and know recovery is a slow journey that often isn’t very steady
  • monitoring my sleep to make sure I start the day off as best I can
  • tracking what I eat to cut the sweet treats that aren’t helping my energy levels
  • lose a little weight; I’m not trying to be 25 years old again, and I don’t want to be a size 8 again.  I’m just aware that I have the potential to put on a lot of weight, due to my inability to exercise regularly, and I want to be a strong healthy inbetweenie, not a tired uncomfortable inbetweenie.
Kimba Likes

it’s important for me but for my Blokefolk too

New Year Same Me | mental strength

Late last year, a friend of mine asked me if I was OK.  I wasn’t.  I saw a new GP and started a mental health strategy.

  • I’ve acknowledged that my PMDD has returned, and I’m back on a low dose antidepressant medication to assist.
  • I’m seeing a counsellor who is working through my sense of guilt from more than a decade of chronic illness and how it has affected every facet of my life and my family.
  • My counsellor is also helping me deal with my anxiety and my fractured relationships with some of my family.
  • Anxiety is part of my life.  I wish it wasn’t but it is better to deal with it than try to pretend it isn’t an issue for me.  That doesn’t work so well!
  • I’m acknowledging I need help to do this and I can’t do everything all the time on my own.  It’s both scary and comforting.

Have you set New Year Resolutions for yourself? Do you ever stick to them? Pop on over to Sonia Styling and make sure you read her wise words about Three for Me.  Kia Kaha!

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