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No one ever accused me of being an early adopter but, even for me, falling in love with Offspring just as Season 4 starts is somewhat behind the times.

Those savvy people at iTunes saw me coming and conveniently put all three seasons of Offspring on special offer.  Less than $50 later and I had hours and hours of entertainment to occupy me.  The universe heard my plea for time to catch up in time for Season 4’s debut recently, and granted me a kicking case of sinusitis.  Mission accomplished!

Although I hadn’t watched Offspring before, I am an avid reader of Nikki from Styling You’s “So you want to dress like Nina Proudman” series.  I recognised the outfits, which gave me an odd sense of deja vu!

Not only did I fall in love with Nina Proudman and her roll call of spunky men but, of course, I fell in love with her wardrobe.  Obviously.  Boho luxe baby.  Layers, prints, scarves, floaty fabrics, kimono jackets and quirky jewellery, anchored by boots and belts, and embellished by decorative fabric bags.  What’s not to love?

Colour, draping, retro cute, feminine and featuring vintage-inspired accessories, yet not slavishly trend driven, Nina’s boho luxe wardrobe is a thing of beauty.  I immediately went searching for a floral maxi ruffled skirt, just like the gorgeous Mimosa one Nina wore in Season 2.

It was an instant sell out and has now been reissued for the last three collections, in the same design but with an updated print.  Check out this season’s Bahia print here.  Unfortunately, I can’t justify $289 on a skirt, gorgeous as it is.

Here are a few options I’ve managed to track down – all under $100, in case you too need to know how to dress like Nina Proudman on a budget.


Nina Proudman maxi skirt

I can track down maxi skirts.  I can locate print maxi skirts, even floral maxi skirts.  I found a jersey maxi skirt with a ruffle.  But can I find a ruffled floral (or even print) maxi skirt?  Not without laying down some serious cash!


Another key feature of Nina’s boho luxe wardrobe is her belts.  She wears wide belts, skinny belts, classic leather belts and coloured belts, but she almost always wears a belt to define her waist.  Works a treat with the flowing skirts by making her waist look tiny.  Unfortunately, for those girls with square waists and slightly more hippage than Nina, this is not necessarily always the best look.  However, those girls blessed with Pear tiny waists and wider hips will rock this look.  Hourglasses can get away with it too, although waist definition is particularly key.

If you want to know how to dress like Nina Proudman on a budget, then you need a wardrobe of belts.  Here are some options, all under $60.



Nina Proudman waist belts

  1. Ben Sherman British Staples Plait Leather Belt from The Iconic $59.95
  2. Cobalt Reptile Waist Belt from Trenery $19.95
  3. Coloured Leather Belts from Verily $32
  4. Split Waist Belt from Trenery $19.95


If you’re a Vase like me (which I equate to being an Hourglass but without a defined waist), I reckon you can give it a go.  Just be careful with colours and prints, make sure you tuck the top into the skirt, and don’t forget a waist-defining belt.  For the love of Coco Chanel, do not wear anything except a cropped cardigan or jacket over the top.  Waterfall lapels are a particular winner, especially for those blessed with lots of boobage.  A long line cardigan or boyfriend blazer over this look will ruin the proportions.


Offspring Patrick Smiling


So, having long been a proud member of the Nina Proudman Wardrobe Fan Club, thanks to Styling You, I’m now also a keen fan of Offspring too.  I have to confess something though.  I don’t really go for the brooding bad boy and Patrick desperately needs a haircut before he’ll float my boat.  But … the beaming smile he flashes when he is overjoyed, such as when he and Nina confirm their pregnancy?  Let’s just say I now kinda get what all the Patrick fans were on about.

Sadly, I miss Freezer Fraser.  Just a little bit pretty.  Not enough to debase myself by watching Beauty and the Beast in which he stars, directly after Offspring is scheduled though.  A girl has to have some standards!

Bandwagon.  Consider yourself jumped upon.

Are you an Offspring fan too?  Found any bargainous floral ruffled maxi skirts?  Do tell!


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