The Incredible Shrinking Woman

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I’ve been ripped off.  I’ve just lost 10 centimetres!  I’m like the Incredible Shrinking Woman, or maybe Alice in Wonderland.  Probably Alice in Wonderland.  I have a thing for headbands.

Do you know the old wives tale that tells you to double a child’s height at two years old and it will indicate their adult height?  I found my baby book today and decided to put it to the test.

Just quietly, my mother was crap at filling in the details, and I was the first child.  The fourth child was lucky to even get a name, I guess.  Poor old Whatshisname.

According to the simple calculations of doubling your height at two years old, I should be stalking around with lusciously long legs at the staggering height of 175 centimetres.  1.75 metres.  That’s nearly 5’8″.


Even frogs want to be taller



Instead, I’m stumping around at 165 centimetres.  That’s only 5’4″.  And I’ve been ripped off again.  For my entire adult life, I thought I was 5’5″.  It appears I’ve shrunk.  Again.

I’m not quite sure if this is worse than the year in which I aged two years.  Older or shorter?  Which is worse?!

Let me explain – it makes perfect sense.  I was trying to work out my Dad’s age when I was having a chat with him and the Welshman once.  He was 24 when I was born so I added 24 years to my age.  He insisted that he was a year older and about to turn another year older as it was shortly to be his birthday.  Turns out I had my own age incorrect, so after nearly a whole year of thinking I was actually 32, I turned 34 that August.

Yup, you’re right.  That’s definitely worse!  After all, I can always backcomb the hell out of my hair and gain a few inches. Even more if I team it with towering heels.  But I can’t become two years younger!


Audrey’s beehive but seriously, any excuse for Audrey



Have you done something quite so blonde as to lose two years?  Settle petal, I’m allowed to say that, as I’m a brunette with a natural blonde hairline.  It’s an excuse that’s been used many times!

Are you diligent about filling in record books and baby books?



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