One Eyeshadow Makeup Look

Kimba Likes One Eyeshadow Makeup Look @kimbalikes

As a self confessed beauty junkie, I like to wear makeup every day.  Over the years, I’ve learned a few tricks to get me out of the door in a hurry looking polished and pretty.

I’m sharing a few of the ways I can spend minimum effort and time for maximum impact!  For this easy peasy lemon squeezy day look, there are five key areas.


I’m always banging on about BB Cream – and for good reason.  This wonder product combines moisturiser, skin care, primer, SPF and foundation.  You can apply it with your fingers, or a brush.

Or you could use my latest beauty BFF, the blender sponge.  A silicone sponge with a very peculiar shape, designed to reach every corner of your face.

I like to warm up the BB Cream in my hands, then apply to the face by pressing my palms into my skin.  The blender sponge can be held at different angles to reach all corners of the face.  I bounce the full end against the skin, and use the pointed end to smooth out the tricky areas around the eyes and nose.

A little liquid concealer under the eyes completes the base makeup.

Simple Contouring

Love the power of contouring.  I’m working on a video post to show you super duper fancy pants contouring – coming soon!  Click here for my contouring tips.

For this look, I’ve just applied a swoop of creme blush to the apples of the cheeks with my finger, tapering out towards the ears, and blended it with a little coordinating powder blush and a blush brush.

Next up, a little bronzing powder applied across the forehead, around the temples, then underneath the cheekbone, finishing along the jawline.  Imagine a 3 shape and you’ve got the picture.

Finally, a little powder luminiser applied along the tops of the cheekbones and around the outer edge of the eyes, down the bridge of the nose and a final dab on the cupid’s bow of the upper lip.

Contouring takes barely even a minute but makes you look instantly polished and like you’ve spent a lot more time on your face!


A bold lip colour is a fabulous way of giving your makeup a pop with very little effort.  I am mad for a bold matte lip at the moment – bright oranges and bold berries and hot pinks are my favourite go to colours.  They look equally fab in a glossy or creamy finish.

Kimba Likes One Eyeshadow Makeup Look @kimbalikes


You can spend an almost endless amount of time working on an eye look.  There are many makeup options.  I’ve found one of the quickest ways to achieve a polished look with minimum effort is to use just one eyeshadow.  Yep.  Trust me.

For this one eyeshadow makeup look, I’ve used a gold shimmery shadow from my Urban Decay Naked Palette – Half Baked.  Using an eyeshadow brush, I’ve applied a wash of colour across the eyelid.  Fancypants MUA speak for a light even application of colour.

Using a contour brush (or socket brush), I’ve applied a little more of the gold shadow in my eye socket crease.  Literally, right on top of my eyeball, to add shape and definition.  Using a smudger brush, I’ve applied a little more colour to intensify the colour right along my upper lash line.

Finally, using a flat eyeshadow brush, I’ve patted a little more of the shadow along my lower inner rims.  This takes a little getting used to but once you’ve mastered it, you’ll be hooked.  It makes the eyes sparkle, defines the eye without making it look smaller like a black kohl pencil can, and is a really pretty and feminine look.  Best of all, it makes you look like you’ve made much more of an effort than you actually have.  I love that!

My eyes are completed with a quick squeeze of my lash curler and two coats of black mascara.  Click for my tips on how to apply mascara.


If I don’t do my eyebrows, I feel naked.  I commented on socialite media recently, to a fellow beauty blogger lamenting that she’d forgotten to do her brows for the day, that I’d prefer to forget my knickers than my brows.  I’m kinda serious.

No one can tell if I’ve forgotten my knickers – unless it’s a very windy day and I’m accidentally channeling Vivienne Westwood when she met the Queen.  But everyone can tell if I’ve forgotten my brows.

Using my double ended angled / spooly brush, I brushed my brows into place, and applied a little brow pomade.  I don’t recommend my “I’m in a hurry” brow technique unless you’re well practiced.

After applying a little brow pomade to my angled brush, and wiping it well against the side of the jar, I start at the front of the brow and pull the brush from one side to the other.  A good brush through with the spooly distributes the colour evenly.  I usually prefer to follow my own “how to apply brow pomade” tips, but in a pinch, this works.  With a steady hand and lots of practice!

Kimba Likes One Eyeshadow Makeup Look @kimbalikes

Are you a one eyeshadow makeup look kind of girl? Or do you like to blend colours together? Do we ever have enough time to do our makeup?!


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