Outfit planning with Polyvore

I love Polyvore, a community powered style collage web and device app.  I use it as a visual clipboard, and to create images for Kimba Likes.  I also love to use Polyvore for outfit planning, both for my own everyday style and for styling clients.

I’m sharing how I used Polyvore to help me prepare for a Katies post.  Plus some tips on how you can use Polyvore for outfit planning.

In a recent Wardrobe Wednesday post, I teamed up with Katies and Sonia Styling to share the Katies A Line Tunic, one of their Must Have pieces.  Sonia and I both styled the piece for three different occasions – Work, Weekend and Night Out.

Due to time constraints, I had to head to the shops to select my A Line Tunic, style it and shoot the three different outfits in one afternoon. I prepared by styling my outfits in advance using Polyvore.  Outfit planning you can do without the actual outfit in your hands!

My fabulous photographer didn’t have much availability – he did spend most of the day at school after all.  I paid Boyo one Tim Tam per outfit change, and he managed to squeeze me in between his screen time and homework duties.

Outfit planning with Polyvore | examples

Outfit planning with Polyvore

Outfit planning with Polyvore

Outfit planning with Polyvore

My Polyvore style sets side by side with my outfit photos show how you can use Polyvore for outfit planning.

For example, the elements of my night out look involve a leopard stiletto, statement earrings, a box clutch and leather leggings.

When I was madly getting changed so Boyo could snap my photo, I popped on my Katies A Line Tunic, my Katies faux leather leggings and my leopard heels.  I selected a pair of evening glamour earrings from the box where I store my statement pieces and a sparkly box clutch from my evening bag collection.

The elements of my weekend look include a quirky mustard hair accessory, a casual barrel bag, wedge trainers and faded skinny jeans.  Changing for my next look was easy, as I was able to switch the faux leather pants for my Katies Ultimate Slim jeans, and grab a bag from the basket in my wardrobe.

Why you should use Polyvore for Outfit Planning

Now, you might be thinking that’s all very well and good, but as I don’t tend to do photo shoots, this isn’t terribly useful.

I can think of several occasions where Polyvore can help you with outfit planning:

  • You struggle with selecting outfits for special occasions like a date night or a job interview
  • You’ve bought a piece and don’t know what to wear it with
  • You can’t pack for a holiday without taking way too many options
  • You are tired of wearing the same pieces in the same style

Tips for Outfit Planning with Polyvore

How to get started with Polyvore:

  • Join up for Polyvore – click here to register
  • Download the Polyvore iPhone app
  • Install the Clip to Polyvore tool to your browser toolbar
  • When online shopping, clip the items you’re purchasing, or considering buying, to Polyvore
  • Write a list of your key pieces – the ones you wear over and over again – and clip similar styles to Polyvore
  • Tag your items as you save them, say by brand, colour, style, occasion.  For example, Katies, faded denim, skinny jeans, weekend style.

How to use Polyvore:

  • Create a style set by clicking on the My Items or Fashion tabs and dragging the items onto the design screen
  • Search for your items by your tags.  For example jacket or handbag or vintage or Katies
  • Search for items clipped by other Polyvore members
  • Move, resize, layer your items to create your look.  Add text and background images if you like.
  • Publish your look once you’re happy.  You can email it, Pin it, Tweet it, post it to your Tumblr or blog …

How to use Polyvore for outfit planning:

  • Create a style set for a particular item of clothing you own or are thinking of purchasing, or an occasion you need to attend
  • You can create a collection – a group of style sets – for a particular holiday, or style occasion, season or even one single piece
  • Use Polyvore as a shopping guide by searching through the other tabs for pieces others have clipped to Polyvore.  Save them to My Items by liking them or add them directly to a new style set.
  • Create a collection of pieces you’re looking for and use it as a shopping list to fill wardrobe gaps
  • Use your iPhone as a personal stylist by selecting one of your style sets and recreating the look.  It’ s probably the closest we’re going to come to being Cher Horowitz with an automated wardrobe system.
  • Get inspiration from following some fabulous fashionistas on Polyvore and checking out the style sets they create

Do you love outfit planning?  Love Polyvore already or intrigued by the concept?


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